Battery powered lilo

Dear OA,
Mrs Tallboy and myself have just got back from a fortnight in Playa Blanca, Lanzarotte-- campers for those who don't know that part of the world. We did some fooling around in the pool once the lights dimmed in the evening and played around during the day- lilo wars and all that!!!!, but it did occur to us that a vibrating dildo attached to a lilo might be an interesting concept. Floating around all day with diddly squat to do, all oiled up and horny as hell, what better way to while away the time than have a dildo mounted on a lilo stuck up one !! If it were possible to make it so that you could exchage the dildos then various capaciites could be catered for.... everyone could have a go as l feel people would probably drag their significant others off to screw the living daylinghts out of them after a spell on the lilo. Yes l know water and electricity and all that but not talking of wiring it up to the mains, unless you happened to make a community lilo that those from a certain mid European country kept getting their hands on.... what about it OA ?? Oh and yes the above presupposes that you are not overlooked, or then again !!!

I think this is just asking for someone to get carried away and drown. :)

You couldn't actually float on it but you could certainly sit on it by the pool.

Did you go to one of these anything goes type holiday camps?

I would so love to try one of those. Just to be able to fuck in the sun whenever and wherever we felt like it. And to get off on people watching us!

Hi it wasn't specifically one of those hols, but the clothing optional beach at Papagayo was just down the road. Not been to one before and daftly imagined in a clothing optional situation everyone would go with the clothing off option- but not true !! Then comes down to who is in the majority..... we decided we were a bit chalky white, even though we weren't!! talk about insecure eh !!!
We are talking of exploring our sexuality with other than OA toys that is... but seems that you can end up left deflated that the reality didn't meet upto the reality.... any advice campers???? Ta
No we hired a villa for 2 weeks and although we had an empty second bedroom we would have been happy to share we didn't find any knidred spirits on the island. boo hoo

Anyone repeat this one during the past summer, obviously didn't have one here so would have been a broad !!!

sorry l mean abroad !!!


Ooh! I like the look of that bouncy toy, I wonder what the maximim weight it could hold, and does it come with puncture outfits???

Maybe not puncture outfits but nothing like a jet propelled spin round the pool for showing off is there!!!


well as I'm a bbw..I don't think that that would be a good thing for me to boy, I'm sure LH will cum up with something for me...

Nothing ventured Luvly !!!!! Go on be a devil


just needed to release a little tension. It happens to the best of us, does it not?

Yep just deliberating whether or not to do the same, could again one handed type on the when did you last masturbate forum eh!!! ha ha.


well don't let me hold you back tallboy...

Would be nice if you did just that Luvly !!! fnarr fnarr.