Bed restraints for superking bed

Hi all!

Ive been browsing at under the bed restraints but most seem to be for double beds only and I have a huge superking!

The headboard is solid so theres no way to attach anything to bedposts or anything.

Anyone have any ideas to restraint arms at least?

I think what you could do is buy the double set and then extend with one of these options...

By SLP, what type of bed do you have? Does it have wooden slats at the bottom etc? We use Japanese silk rope for arms during most of our sessions and use a spreader bar attached to a rope at the bottom of the bed for leg restraints.
Probably best for you to look at something similar to this

Rather than getting one under bed restraint, we found that getting the ones which have four separate ties and cuffs work better for most beds, unless you have a divan! Haha. We even bought some cheap picture hooks once and screwed them into the bed to give us the ability to tie anything to them.

Great idea from Sub, I think that’s what we’d do!

Or ask on the pander to me thread for a larger set? Maybe a brand like sportsheets will do a larger size as I know they used to have some that fit a queen bed so maybe they have something for king beds too. Couldn’t say for sure though.

You should be able to find some with extenders.

I have these:

(very comfortable cuffs)

I only have a regular double mattress at the moment but there really is a lot of slack. I don't want to say for definite that they'd accommodate a superking, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Alternatively you could get two sets while they're in the Bondage sale and lay them sideways. 🙂 By my reckoning you could get two sets for just over £40 for the both, or about £23 if you have an Unlimited £20 off voucher. Bargain.

We have this and it fits our king size bed fine. They could even fit bigger as don't have it extended all the way.

Thanks all! Helpful as ever!
Ordering some bits to try ;)

Keep us up to date please...i also gave a super king and would be keen to know what fits

We have a super-king, and this set fits:

I recommend that you ignore the illustration on the product page that suggests fitting them down the side of the bed. Also, fit them with the cuff straps connested under the mattress.

Have fun!