Been diagnosed with diabetes

Hi, not been on here for a few weeks, just wondering if anyone else has diabetes and if it affects sex drive/erections?

The doc does not know if I am type 1 or 2, wating on more test results. I am 30 and not overweight, no family history.


Sorry to hear that Hun - I don't know anyone who has diabetes - but I did a quick bit of internet research and found the followng sites that could be useful - hope this is helpful xx

Thank you very much!

well ralph i dont know how old you are but i was 40 when i found out i had it. my sex life was great till a few years ago i am now 57 . the little guy just wont get hard enough to penatrate the back door anymore. ive tried vigra, cialas. the cialas worked great for a long time now nothing im abl to get blow jobs or j/o with a little ease but as far as intercourse that is tricky just wont get hard enough and not much feeling in thge little guy. so take care of your self and try like hell to keep sugar under control i have lost a lot of circulation in my body my hands get real cold and turn white real easy now . im going to see a urilogist on the 5th of nov. maybe get some help there. try to watch what you eat and stay away from achohal i know spelling sucks sorry take care of your self and watch out for yeast infections they will ruin you forever my dad lost his to it i have not tried the pump yet maybe next on the list