Being 5ft Nothing & Petite:

I am 5ft (a size 4/6 - rarely an 8) and desperate to find some naughty underwear to surprise my SO with. Being of such a small frame, I really do struggle to find lingerie/costumes/baby dolls etc that are small enough to fit me, and I don't want to have to spend ridiculous amounts or go to a bloody fancy dress shop!
Does any one else have any suggestions/recommendations about products they have tried? Being small is always a curse when finding lingerie, and being 'cute' all of the time isn't great for the bedroom. My SO always says I am sexy, however I never truly feel it, so I need help to find something to boost my confidence and also compliment/fit my short and petite frame.

Hello, I'm also 5ft and a size four to six (generally a four) so I may be able to offer some advice. You can look through my reviews if you'd like as most lingerie I've ordered has fit fine. I usually go for the 6-8 and then there's room left over, but that's good for me as I generally don't like tight fitting. If you're a 4/6 then most 6-8's should fit ok :) Lovehoney's own branded lingerie in particular fits well. Bodystockings and mini dresses may be worth looking at too as they stretch to your individual body.

Lovehoney also recently got a few pieces from iCollection in a size four to six that you might like x

Hi would something like this apeal? I think it's lovely and being a size 4-6 should fit you. Unfortunately I'm the other end of the size scale myself being a plus size lady. I can't help putting this on on for you too it's so beautiful

Remember Lovehoney have a stunning returns policy and if your not sure you like it or don't like the fit you can always return it.

My oh is only 5ft. Read some of my underwear reviews. You may find something you like that should fit perfectly 👍🏼

You're making me feel fat :-( , I don't even reach the lofty heights of 5ft and I'm a 10-12 I'd say you'd get on with body stockings they stretch to fit most sizes and heights and don't look loose figure swamping and baggy on a midget like myself

Thankyou all for you help! Will definitely look into your suggestions and reviews! Xx

Hey, I'm a size 8 and about 5'1 with 30B boobs, so I feel your pain!

If you feel comfortable stating your bra size I could give more specific recommendations, but for starters, I love all of these pieces. The Lovehoney chemise should be especially good for you as the medium was a neat fit on me - the sizes run very small - so the small size should be good for you:

Bodystockings are great and seem to fit most shapes. I have this one and love it:

I would also recommend Lovehoney brand stockings, as although they look darker (less sheer) on me than on taller women they still fit.

I've reviewed quite a few bras and pants, so click on my name if you want to have a look through other items I've reviewed.

I'm 5ft 2 and a size 8 if some of my reviews could benefit?

this comes up small and looks amazing on :)