Being "squeezed out"

Hi all,

I started dating this girl whom I am by all other accounts pretty much perfect for, however she's pretty much put an end to things between us because of one problem when we have sex.

She's a bigger girl and I'm of average length (approx 6 inches) and she likes to grip with her vagina during sex and she keeps squeezing me out, partly because she has a large ass and I can't get close enough to her

The only position we didn't try is her on top because she doesn't like that. I'm not expecting some kind of miracle and she probably won't want to try again but I thought I'd see if anyone has any advice?

This is something I often think to be a problem with larger women but that never appears to be discussed.
I imagine using bandage ropes to hold her legs open and above her head to make her vagina more accessible, a penis extension or you could search for different positions online that are more suited to bigger girls. I don't see how this can be an issue she has only experienced with you, 6 inch is above average for the UK meaning many men are below 5 inch which must make intercourse very difficult.
It would be interesting to see what other larger have to say

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She said she's experienced it before but I guess she's never found a solution to it.

I'm a larger lady...... Size 20/22 at the top and 16/18 at the bottom. I can't say that I've ever experienced this problem and my oh is around average at 6 ins. Doggy is definitely our favourite position as I adore dp and anal and I also have various joint issues so I find this the most comfortable. It does mean that I can spread my legs well to give him good access as well, he can also get nice and close in between my legs and pull my bums cheeks well apart......sorry if that's too much info ! Lol When my back allows me to lie on it.....having my heels up around his ears with him holding my legs apart works great too. Hope this may be of some use and you are able to find a position which suits you both xx

I know this may be a big thing to her but does anyone else think she's being too hasty in breaking things off with me because of it?

I think she should have given you some more time to work the problem out together. It seems a bit hasty. Maybe you guys could have figured out how to satisfy both of you if you just kept seeing eachother.

After all, for me, personality is the most important thing. With all the sex toys out there to aid during intercourse, there is a lot to be done about the sex. Like Y&F said, a penis extension could probably make a big difference.

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She gave it two tries before giving up, I'm wondering it it's actually something else. Thanks for the advice all.

Maybe she's feeling a bit embarrassed about it all. So just keep seeing each other and when the times right try sex again. If she keeps being off with you when you don't even mention sex, then something else is up!

Maybe she's feeling a bit embarrassed about it all. So just keep seeing each other and when the times right try sex again. If she keeps being off with you when you don't even mention sex, then something else is up!

I don't think she wants to try again but we'll see.

I'm larger well a size 18, my husband is average length. I can't say this has happened to us. However I don't think you can judge sex with someone over a couple of times. If I judged my husband on the first time we had sex I probably wouldn't see him again. It took a while for us to adjust to each other and make the most of it.

It may be something else bothering her its always worth a try talking to her. If she's perfect you cant let her get away.

I am married to a nice cuddly woman and have never experienced this. I know that at the point of orgasm some ladies can squeeze you out, unless you push deeper, but I struggle to see how size could be an issue to sex, especially as my preference has been for larger ladies for years now and if anything the sex has been better and all the usual positions have been fine. Maybe there is more at play here?

Hi There, I have been out with a few men who have been beyond useless in the bedroom the first handfull of times lol. I had to sit them down and explain things to them, show them what to do ect ect. I never found it to be a reason to leave someone. In my experiance fat can be moved, sorry to be blunt about it. My last partner was very heavy which never bothered me at all but did make things awkward as he was unfit, shy and had a big operation on his stomach. It took a while to kind of get things right as almost every position was touching his stomach which hurt him. I never made him feel bad about it, just had to get creative thats all. I don't think she has given this a fair chance at all and putting this on you the way she has is really unfair. I think that if she was embarrassed about it then she wouldn't of disscussed it with you. It is a shame if she has ended things over such a minor thing that could probably have been solved with a little effort. I don't really have any advice other than google positions and there may be books that will help if she comes back. This is her loss really, not yours hun. Good luck x

I think she is being hasty and something else might be under. I am also a plus size and my husband is average length and girth and we are a perfect match and while some positions don't work for us mainly because of our bodies' shapes, most positions do work just fine (missionary, cow girl, doggy, etc.). I do squeeze sometimes, but as was already mentioned above, you just have to anticipate this and push harder to stay in.