ben wa balls,advice

just received some ben wa balls to test (THANKS CAZZ) having not read the heading properly they are wireless,which i had taken to think they vibrate duh!! ,but they are not connected to any retreival string ,my OH is very keen to try these but also a little worried about getting them out/stuck ! Its probably not an early morning subject but if anybody has used these type of balls before can offer some assurance and/or advice as to their safe use would be much appreciated, there doesnt seem to be any instructions on the packaging,like i said she is keen to try them.

do they have a loop at the end? if so this stays outside for you to pull them out. if not just use your fingers to get them out. they wont get stuck as they are large enough to easily pull out. enjoy!

There's nowhere for them to go and they're unlikely to get stuck so don't worry too much. Some experiences users can push cordless balls out with their muscles but it easy enough to just get them out with your fingers - I'd lube up though!

I have some Ben wa balls that's are completely cordless and I can honestly say there's nothing to worry about at all no matter how far up they get a simple push and they just pop out. I really worried about them getting stuck but I promise you there's no need to worry at all!

i think she is just a little dubious about having to manually retreive them should they decide not to appear once she "lets go of them",,she has never used kegal balls of any kind sure she will be fine and no they dont have any loops or string .thanks citygirl2810

thanks ladies xx

Welcome :) she'll honestly be fine x

just to update thanks for the re assurances ,she has had a liitle practice and the whole "operation" was successful,she can now test properly ,,once again cheers you really are so helpful : D

I realise these aren't as such intended for anal play (idk) but I tried a set once (from LH, chrome finish on string) and had great great fun walking around in them for the afternoon.

However, what I hadn't noticed was a small - and surprisingly sharp - unfinished edge which, without going into too much detail, did some damage.

I recently bought my OH a set and so I made sure these were silicone.

I was the same Jeff when I got wireless Ben wa balls. But there isn't anything to worry about with them, they pop in and they do pop out.

If she's having difficulty getting them out get her to squat either over the toilet (Put a bag there or something) and kind of release her muscles, that's how I got mine out, because I was a little nervous I wouldn't get them out and that added to me tensing up when trying to get them out. Hiope she likes hem. xx