Ben Wa Balls: Discuss

I know which side I'm on, but I'd like to ask what others think of ben wa balls. Do they turn you on? Do they work? What are they like to use?

To put my two cents in, I have Smart Balls from Fun Factory which I think are great, although not instant orgasm inducing like vibrators. I think it's the mental thing of knowing you have them in, but no-one else does. What do others think?

Speaking as a guy, I love to use them for anal stimulation. I started off with standard ben wa balls (the sort with two balls) but they were a bit tame. Then I discovered power balls! They feel incredible inside you! Because there are five of them the sensations you get are really strong, and they fill you up nicely too! My girlfriend enjoys using them as well.

I mentioned it in another thread, but here's the link to my review in case anyone is interested.

I got some Duo Weighted Pleasure Balls a year ago. Didn't think much of them. It was quite thrilling to think of wearing them out in public, but I never got around to it as they weren't arousing and then I lost them!