ben wa balls/Kegel balls for newbie

Hi all

so my partner and I have decided to try out a set of ben wa balls or Kegel balls, not sure there much difference between the two.

we are unsure which ones to pick, 40 grams doesn't seem a lot so not sure where to start

any help or advice would be great



It's better to start off with the lighter weights and then go onto heavier when neccesary. Jiggle / Ben Wa are pretty much the same these days so don't worry too much. Kegal tends to be a set weight as jiggle tends to well, jiggle.

I find these ones are absolutely fantastic as you an alter the weights to your liking, you save a lot of money this way if you wanted to take it seriously

Otherwise these ones are always a popular choice too with a medium weight

Hope this helps!

Hi, I started with the LH basic jiggle balls, so easy to use and then progressed to the magnetic Ben Wa balls. You may need a little lube when you first insert too. Have fun and enjoy 😉.

Erm...sorry to sound dumb but what exactly is the purpose of Ben wa/jiggle balls?

Hi Corset_is, not a dumb question at all, I only came across them myself when I was reading a review about a different product entirely, up until that point I had never even heard of them. I got them to improve my pelvic floor which has it happens turns out to be a lot better than I thought. Some reviewers of the balls mention experiencing pleasure whilst inserted, I haven't but everyone is different. If you are thinking about getting some, don't start off too heavy. Hope that helps 😃

markybabes, I actually have 3 sets of Ben WA/jiggles that I've received as free gifts over the years. I've tried using them for pelvic floor but, like you, I don't really need it. The only other knowledge I have is from 50 shades of trash (yeah, I read it 😳) and I don't believe for a second that is possible cos that book is garbage!! Lol

Corset, wearing them can prevent incontinence after pregnancy, or it can improve your orgasms - my case. I really like wearing them and I have friend who after 3 pregnancies got weaker pelvic floor muscles and when she blow her nose, the incontinence was bit of issue and this helped a lot. So I heard this can be recommended remedy by doctor for this problem.

Chosing the correct one is not easy, and my personal advice, since I have few sets, is that if you never give birth, the smaller may be better and worth the challenge. If you were pregnant, and gave birth through vaginal birth, then bigger lighter ones may be better to start with after giving birth, working towards smaller/heavier.