Ben Wa balls

I got my first ben wa balls recently, I thought I should give them a try and went for the Fun Factory ones. I'm wondering if I'm missing something, though. I can't do anything with them just by using my pelvic floor muscles, and the amount of rocking it takes to get the inner balls moving is too silly to be sexy. Walking around with them is sort of entertaining, but not erotic, and they eventually fall out. (Do other people find that with the smartballs, or do I need to do more kegels?) I sometimes insert them when I'm masturbating and the resistance is subtly pleasant, but that's all I get.

I'm thinking of getting some of the more traditional smaller balls. Any thoughts or tips?

There are quite a few reviews of the Smart Balls - - might be able to glean some tips from there...!

Quite a few people have to try hard to get something out of the similar Love Eggs...

Good luck!

Ambiguous, I had similar thoughts as you - but try these!