best anal lube

tried one is like vaseline but not slippy which is whats needed for those bigger insertions, any recommendations?

Think you might find this thread helpful

Thanks PT

Also found my way to your instructive review of Maximus as well, decision made!

Your welcome, glad to be of help!

Another vote for maximus

I have been using a great silicone based lube, but unfortunatly 1) I seem to be allergic to it and 2) most great anal products are silicone, so can't be used. If you find a great one that you can recomend tho, please share :) Ive taken to flavoured lube, that is just far too sticky and would like something not so much for solo play xx

Hi Hot&horny I would definitely recommend trying the small bottle of Maximus as it's a water-based, non-glycerin lube so you might find you get on better with it. I have sensitive skin (as I mentioned in my review) and I have no problems with it at all.

Hope that helps :o)

Thank u Tiger...will try it :) x

Yep the maximus is good, another vote here.

One eatch out - if you keep your rear smooth (shaved), make sure you haven't scratched yourself just before using otherwise you can get an initial sting. Its not painful but you know its there for a minute or so.

Silicone lubes are defo the best for anal usage like this ID one- Great shame that you can't use it mind :)

If you try Maximus and don't like it, i'd give sliquid a go. It's glycerin free too and made for sensitive skin so shouldn;t do anything nasty to you!

Thanks for all the advice guys :)

maximus is by far the best lube weve found! ill never buy another type again :-) xx

Another fan of maximus :-)

Looks like we might have to give maximus a try ;-)