best ever 18 th birthday gift?


my niece will be 18 soon just wondering what people would think is a good gift ? something to keep -

handbag\ diamond studs ?

she is a down to earth girly girl if that helps


body shop gift box.

works every time.


radley bag etc if money allows

I was given a beautiful silver plated perfume atomiser gift set for my 18th with some perfume to go in it. Also got a beautiful silver bracelet, my auntie painted me a mug at Denby Pottery. My parents gave me money which I spent on a Tissot watch (suprisingly great value at £250 with diamonds in the face and will last a life time) and a digital camera.

Hopefully there's some suggestions there that may fit any budget since I'm not sure what you're looking to spend.

yes sorry- budget is not an problem- its about the right gift

thanks so far

- radley bag is a great one


Jewellery is always nice for special birthdays as it's something you can keep. Something simple and timeless is usually best, unless you know her tastes very well. Alot of young girls like stuff from Pandora right now.

An ipod if she hasn't already got one? IN her favourite colour. The shuffles are only £40 if you're looking to spend less and you can get them engraved for free online (to say happy 18th etc?)

Some driving lessons if she wants to learn/hasnt already?

Theatre tickets?

body shop gift box INSIDE a radley bag.

My brother turned 18 last year. My gift for him contained 18 different parts: 18 statements for life and 18 items to represent these messages:

Life is a gift - accept it (souvenir)

Life is a challenge - dive in it (a model of a motorcycle or something like that)

Life is an adventure - do it (a backpack)

Life is a journey - travel it (a map)

Life is an opportunity - choose it (a model of a road sign with opportunity/success written on the arrows)

Life is a surprise - be prepared (a pack of condoms)

Life is a song - perform it (here I bought a mini-bottle of alcohol in the shape of a guitar)

Life is a promise - fulfill it (I made a sheet of paper with the word "promise" in different languages - all hieroglyphics or the ones we couldn't really understand - like chinnese, japanese, arabic, thai, armenian, etc.)

Life is love - find it (mini-globe)

Life is a headache - get over it (some individually wrapped headache pill will do)

Life is bitterness - swallow it (a bottle of water)

Life is a bliss - enjoy it (a bar of chocolate)

Life is beauty - praise it (a painting)

Life is a garden - plant your tree (seeds)

Life is a mystery - solve it (any kind of puzzle would do)

Life is a game - play it (any kind of game would do - I took a PC one)

Life is a gamble - risk reasonably (playing cards)

Life is a career - reach the top (a pyramid)

As you can see there is also an order to the messages - for example - the headache leads to a pill, that is bitter, so you need water, but then you feel so good, as you would feel eating chocolate, etc, etc...

Is it bad that I have a real urge to be cheeky and post a link to the All American Challenge or the Mega 3 Bangs?


I got given a filofax by my godfather which was a lovley gift, i use it daily.

sweetlove666 wrote:

I got given a filofax by my godfather which was a lovley gift, i use it daily.

I so want one of these! I was talking to someone about it just the other day- would feel too guilty spending £65 to get the one I want.

you could get a piece of jewellery- seems like an obvious choice

if she's not so into jewellery maybe a particular piece of clothing like a coat or a dress- something special that she can keep for a long time

a photo frame- hi ho silver do some lovely gifty things

a nice handbag or clutch bag

i'm not so good at these things as i have to have regular clear outs and don't hang onto stuff very easily!

we went with bags as she is off to uni soon

a large Radley travel bag for coming home at weekends and a Radley cross body handbag (sort of squashy large one ) a Radley purse and a Radley mirror

thanks for all the suggestions