Best Fleshlight insert

I've been wanting to treat myself to a new Fleshlight insert, but can't decide which one to buy.

Anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with Wonder Wave and Speed Bump inserts? Or, indeeed, any of the special inserts?

wonder wave is absolutely amazing, nearly passed out from an orgasm with one of them before!!

out of all the fleshlight ones get the tight version of the wonder wave one and you wont regret it!!

The Speed Bump is great... a nice tight fit and the nodules make for great stimulation during use, had a great time with it and when I finally reached the point of no return.... Oh wow, was that great!

Returning to this thread after a while with a daft question - any difference between mocha and pink (apart from the colour).

Also see that ice is back on the US Fleshlight site, so hopefully they'll be on UK sites soon too.

PS You were right about the Wonder Wave! :-)

I bought ice lady wonderwave, mouth super ribbed and butt ultra tight + case, and the the stu. Have got the first ones but only tried the ut since it seemed people lasted longer in that one. Personally I don't think that one was that great, and it's kind of crappy with the long distance before you reach the actuall texture (or in this case tigher opening.) It also limits your stroking range :/

The STU and the Wonderwave are the most popular ones (thought original sells most, but that one seems boring and I would never consider it.) Super ribbed are supposed to be the most intense and speed bump are probably good when buying 3 for 2 or if you already had a case and don't want to get a new one thru the STU.

I'd vote for STU or wonderwave without having tried any of them. SB as replacement for STU if you don't want to get a new case and SR instead of WW if you need something more intense.