Best non sticky lube

Helll all,

Please can someone recommend the best lube to use which isnt sticky. The ones we have used become horrible and sticky. We want something more like a oil and that doesnt get sticky.

Hope someone can help thanks


We love tingle lube amazing

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Liquid silk. That’s the main reason why we went for that one. The other lubes we tried were sticky and would dry out, and we had to keep applying more.
Since using that we’ve not had any of those problems.


Thanks for that is it this one you are referring too?

We love this anal lube - very smooth and silky and definitely non-sticky

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This is the one we use :slightly_smiling_face:

Second this… we’ve been through a few … and they are tacky or dry out … this is pure slippery fun … feels like everyone is just very wet rather than throwing some sticky in to the mix

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Sliquid is. Good

I use water based lubes as they clean easy as well - however not as slippery as the oil based ones

I recently just tried out liquid silk for the first time and I would highly recommend it!

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When it starts to get sticky on the body a simple spray of water will restore it, its just because its drying out.

Just tried Liquid Silk and it’s great and non sticky. Also a little goes a long way.

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