Best orgasm ever?

What’s your best orgasm? Can be manual or with someone? Mine has to be a time I was having real passionate sex with the oh. After climaxing inside her I stayed in and never went soft again, only took a couple slow strokes in her and I came again, this happened 3 times almost simultaneously


We have had different best orgasms ever with different sex toys, it would be too hard to choose one overall best orgasm!

For me (the woman in our relationship) discovering the Lovehoney Wand was really fantastic, having 3 or 4 orgasms back to back in sex/masturbation is amazing! I love my Womanizer too, which feels so great, very different to the Lovehoney Wand but it’s really nice for less dramatic masturbations!

And for me (the man) discovering prostate orgasms by using the Njoy Pure Wand or Aneros Progasm has been so amazing, finding out that you can give yourself 3 minute long full body orgasms through prostate masturbation was the best thing ever! I also started using male sex toys for the penis and they’re surprising great too!

But any sort of sex, always amazing!! With and without toys!! :slight_smile:


Great stuff, want to try out a wand with her myself

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My best ever was when much younger and in great shape and I had been playing with Viagra . Had found 25 mg was perfect and decided to try 50 once . I believe the movie was Scary Movie in the sene where he came so hard she was stuck to ceiling . Maybe not that much , but holy mollies I was like the energizer bunny and just kept coming and coming . I would guess three to four times my normal volume .
When single I had a one night stand where the young lady orgasmed so hard she passed out ( that had happen before ) , but this time she did not come to right away . I was a Fire Dept. EMT and checked vitals , oh crap ! Her pulse faded away and all I could think of was making a 911 ( our emergency number ) call and be doing CPR on a gal who’s name I did not know , buck naked . I positioned her to start CPR and checked for bp one more time and she gasped and started breathing . Thank you Lord .


My first time with Doxy Die Cast :yum: :drooling_face:


What is that?!

Last week in the OH’s mouth… seemed to just go on and on!


Too hard to choose, hubby’s given me the best orgasms I’ve ever had :drooling_face:


No single best orgasm but they have become much more intense recently as i am kept in chastity and edged but denied orgasms for up to 6 weeks so when she finally does allow me to come its pretty amazing.


The orgasms are getting better and better recently, but the orgasm when my wife is playing with my ass are by far the best. She definitely knows what she is going, the feeling of having her fist wrist deep in my ass is amazing an so intense.


The next one.


Close call man !

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When I first discovered bondage… I was on my back and my ankles were pulled up and tied to the headboard behind me. A wand was used on me, I was teased and denied for what felt like a lifetime (although it was probably only 5 minutes lol), and eventually I came so hard I passed out. Only time I’ve ever passed out from orgasm so I’d say that was the best one I’ve had :sweat_smile:


Wow, that sounds unreal. To pass out for on it is highly impressive

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When we were fucking hard on the washer and he choked me out while I was coming. Kind scary but I saw a different world!!

I’ve had a few, but probably when using my wand and me legs are around my head, not allowed to come until he says so- pounding away quite deep- I think he can tell when I cannot take anymore holding on to my Orgasm - i feel like my whole body explodes- every inch of it and :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops: everywhere. He loves it and comes then.

Theres been a few times I’ve passed out for a few seconds too.

Sex just gets better and better these days :grin:

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My best sexual experience was during my first year of marriage when we were doing 69 and we both Cumed at the same time. She doesn’t normally like to swallow, but this time she did and was so hot. She got on top and kept going. I was able to keep a hard on for about 25 minutes of vaginal sex in 5 or 6 positions with the last doggy style and her screaming during that last orgasm. I think she orgasmed 5 times. Most I have ever done this her.
Unfortunately she doesn’t specifically remember that one. Hers was not with me it was with the largest guy she ever had which was 7.5”. He gave her oral which lead to one then when he slowly entered her to help her get used to him for he was almost 2” bigger than her last boyfriend and much thicker. She orgasmed as he finally entered all the way and then he pounded her for the next 20 min. 5 min less than I lasted right after an orgasm. She lost track of her orgasms but she thought it as 8 or 9. They had sex an hour later and it was about 30 minutes and it was around the same. Unfortunately he was a jerk so she had to end it. He stopped trying to get her prepared for his nice size penis. She stayed with him a month just hoping to relive that night. She has admitted to fantasizing about that night. She doesn’t want anything over 7” for a dildo now unless she is turned on after an orgasm. We rarely do that for her. I get turned on when she tells it even if it is not me. I would do a threesome with a larger guy so she could have that! But she says she is not interested in that. She once told this experience to another couple. She told them that I do not measure up to him in size but my oral is the best she ever had. Her friend asked if I could teach her husband for he is great in bed, but sucks giving oral. She said just short of 7”. As a kind of joke they talked about having sex using both of us. I give the massage then oral and Dave uses his penis to pound the girls. I would do it for my wife. She saId no as of now. I would probably do that for Marie is hot and I wouldn’t mind watching them having sex. I will have to masterbate to get off, but that is ok.

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I don’t know whether this was my best/strongest orgasm but it’s my most memorable.

My now wife and I were teenagers, hadn’t long been together and we’re still living with our parents. I went round there when her parents were asleep and we started a bit of foreplay. She hadn’t long used mouthwash and decided to go down on me. The tingling sensation from the mouthwash felt unreal. I couldn’t get enough and eventually blew my load in her mouth. Bliss!

Just thinking about it now is getting me up for another go!

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Great memorable orgasm was we were at a race track at night and were going at it hammer and tongs tucked away out of sight. There were fireworks and at the moment the final firework big bang went we both came, quickly followed by us laughing hysterically at the amazing timing.

Last night I think was one of them for me! X

R xx