Best plug for man's sensation when used by woman during PIV?

Hi all

I am female and I love using plugs for masturbation and feel ready to use them when having PIV sex with a partner. However I'm thinking that the best plugs for masturbation might not give the best feeling to a partner. Like I am thinking the triple bead shaped ones might be better? I am happy to be selfless in this respect LOL!

Can any guys comment on a plug they find very stimulating during PIV?

Many thanks

I imagine a vibrating plug would feel amazing ! xx

Trying different plugs will be fun for both of you I would think - "the journey, not the destination..."

However I do have a comment: the njoy plugs with the slotted handle and directional plug piece can get spun around in different PIV positions. Me (the male) did not have a problem with it but I think the more standard shapes are probably best for PIV activities.

Whatever you're comfortable with I'm guessing he won't complain 👍