Best position for her to climax during sex

I was wondering if there is a good position to use to best enable my wife to orgasm during penetrative sex? We have a great sex life, but she has never cum during sex, she has no problem having an orgasm when I go down on her or use other stimulation, just not during sex. I would love for her to be able to, I feel like I’m having all the fun otherwise.

Sounds like she needs clitoral stimulation to orgasm. So her on top will work well as she can grind against you. You on top will work but it’s about making sure you are getting clitoral contact. Alternatively use your fingers or a toy in any position

I agree her on top, she can control the criterial stimulation by adjusting he position, slightly leaning forward does it for me.

I agree her on top she can control the stimulation or as my fella does he will play while I'm ontop and I must say it's amazing but defo try her ontop x

I personally cum better when in doggy style and using my wand or bullet for clitoral stimulation my husband gages my orgasm to perfectly time his simultaneously 😍

I personally cum better when in doggy style and using my wand or bullet for clitoral stimulation my husband gages my orgasm to perfectly time his simultaneously 😍

Yea on top as my oh always cums when shes on top so definitely get your oh on top lol

For penetration a lot depends on anatomy, how much foreplay and even what stage in her cycles she’s at (cervix position changes). Guys with average length penis’ can get to the g-spot much more easily. A very long penis can reach the anterior or posterior fornix. There are positions suitable for each penis size relative to the vagina they’re pleasing. As others have mentioned, clitoral stimulation will help, but it doesn’t sound like you’re trying to give a clitoral orgasm. There are good resources online. Hope this is helpful

No idea - bit of a holy grail for lots of couples, I think.

It is a matter of ladies first for us through clit stimulation - just with fingers or with a bullet vibe. But it doesn't stop there.

We both like oral as foreplay. We use glass dildos too. We both like it when I dress up in sexy lingerie. I can climax a few times when we do all this. OH likes it all too - and then it is his turn.

Love penetrative sex: me on top, doggy (hate the term, love the feel, best of all positions for sensation for us), improvised missionary (love finishing face to face) etc... but I don't climax through any of this, I generally already have - a few times - so might be worth thinking outside the box in terms of satisfaction.

My advice would be to focus on a good shared time together - it really doesn't matter who orgasms when (if at all?) as long as the experience is bonding and close, generous and sensual.

Please don't be thinking everyone else has a more fantastic, mutually orgasmic sex life. Some might, generally things ebb and flow over the course of a relationship - both in terms of frequency and quality. All normal.

It is also common, now that toys for everyone have become more mainstream and 'acceptable', for people to have stronger orgasms this way. Men are more used to this, having had more access to porn, and male masturbation being, arguably, more accepatable than women's masturbation historically. Maybe we are reaching a more level playing field. Orgasms together (maybe not simultaniously) might be more gentle, but just as enjoyable.

Yep it's a difficult one to nail down, my OH can not have an Orgasm through penetration in any position other than missionary and then it has to be full and fast, we have tried every other position under the sun and almost all other deep penetration positions I have to pull back on the length so I suspect it's the consistency of the stimulation, I guess we just click in that one position where it does not cause her any discomfort.

When she is on top she gets very close and also when standing and I push upwards from behind, but it just never seems to happen for her and she gets frustrated with herself, she feels it brewing but it just never gets quite to the big O, she also dislikes clitoral stimulation when having penetrative sex.

Oral she is 100% sometimes it can happen for her in 30 seconds and then several times more, but with penetration it's one way or the highway but when we get it right it's far more intense for her than any amount of clitoral stimulation.

Being super turned on helps. On top or doggy with clit stimulation works best for me also missionary in a grinding circular motion making sure the clit is being rubbed

Personally I prefer g-spot over clit stimulation for an orgasum during sex. So cowgirl/reverse cowgirl so I am almost flicking his cock inside me rather than the in and out works wonders! If he is contgroling the depth, speed or angle of penetration then most of the positions where he is behind me are very VERY good. It helps he responds to my own responses and he knows when he has hit my sweet spot! Also being able to physically relax rather than try and concentrate on holding/maintaining the position is a huge help. So using a few pillows or a duvet rolled up to help support can be useful too.

The best way for my other half is her on her back on the edge of the bed with a vibrator. Then she has full access to her clit which makes it easier to orgasm. Try a few positions though you’ll always find one that is best for her.

Missionary works for us if her bum is slightly raised/rotated upwards, I guess so I'm rubbing against her G spot?

Normally do it by looping her legs over my arms, but recently got a wedge pillow which seems to work pretty well too.

Thank you all so much for your replies. There is way more to explore than I initially realised. But it really helps to hear all your experiences. My wife and I are going to have a lot of fun exploring together. I have been really suffering with anxiety at the moment and it’s taken a lot out of me and it upsets me to see the impact my mental illness has on my wife, so I was just hoping to give something back to her. Thank you all again for your help xx

Loading yourself up with the responsibility for her vaginal orgasm is a lot to take on! Bear in mind that some women never achieve this.

@noughtythoughts thanks for highlighting that. I re read my comment, and it did sound a bit like a desperate attempt to please. It was more just wanting to see if we could, certainly I’m not going to put any pressure on us to achieve something that’s not going to happen. Just pleased to hear ideas about how we can try. But thanks for the concern. Appreciate it 😊

Give her plenty of foreplay and then let her that once she feels ready she should take you cowgirl and ride you until she cums. This works for me

Gonna agree with a lot of replies, definitely on top vaginal or anal, my OH nearly always orgasms on top because she can gauge how much stimulation her clit is getting from grinding on my pelvic bone! When combined with anal sex she orgasms everytime which is why the majority of sex we have now is anal.

Glad to be of help