Best reliable place to buy flowers online


Where is the best place to buy flowers from online
delivered has to reliable, promt !

I was thinking of getting 24 bunch of roses.

Anybody used

I got some off of ebay a while ago for my mum, they arrived in great condition. But with online sellers it's a bit of a gamble, I'd avise finding somewhere with lots of customer reviews that are positive or if you can, just find an actual florist shop.

I've used both tesco and M&S online flower service, the flowers arrive in a box and the recipient has to arrange them themselves. If you want a bouquet delivered in a state of readiness, probably best to go with interflora

Hi there, Mr Scorpius has bought me flowers from Next online, and they were really perfect and on time :) x

I always use to use interflora, when i was in the armed forces, they were fab, dunno about now.

If I am sending flowers locally, I always use a small floral place near me, they are brilliant at picking out what you describe you want the gift to be. For my parent's 20th wedding anniversary, they sent a massive bunch of flowers, yellow, orange, reds and purples, with a lovely palma violet candle, card and a small bottle of whiskey. It cost me £50 but my parents loved it.

So I would say look around, if you are sending local, then check out what shops are near by

I've used next and M&S both really good can't remember which it was but I complained the edge of some roses had brown marks on them, they replaced them straight away, then I realised it was a part of the flower and not a fault. oops!

I sent tulips from m+s to an ex boyfriends mum one mothers day, the yellow and red looked great but the purple were already fully opened and half dead. They refunded me £10 when i complained, but his mum liked them anyway.

I ordered flowers for my aunt recently using interflora - I ordered the flowers at 12pm and they were with her before she left work at 5pm. They were beautiful, too. I thought that was a great service.

I've only used but thought they were very good. I'd left it quite late for my sister's birthday, but they delivered to her on the day. She loved them too!

Only ever use ive used them for aboyt 2years or so, all beautiful my last bunch I brought for my mum lasted 3weeks x

Will check next and m &s.

Thanks a bunch !

I've used several times and they've always been good with no problems. Bit more reasonably priced than other online florists too.

Thanks again to all.