Best sexy lingerie for pear shapes?

Hello all. I love dressing up for my fella as I know he really appreciates it. My only trouble is that I don't think I look good in very many things. I have size 14 bottom/theighs with only 34B breasts, so I'm definitely a pear.
Tight chemises aren't suitable as they ride up round the bum if it fit my bust. I don't really like to show off my bum. I know with all this in mind baby dolls are my best bet. Could anyone suggest anything different or what you think the best babydoll is? Thanks x

I'm sure we can help you find something!

I would recommend this babydoll I have it and it's very floaty around the thighs. I have a 30A chest and this worked for me, so should be even better on a slightly bigger bust. It's one of the most flattering items I've ever worn.

There's also these three that might be suitable:

Have you ever considered a bodystocking? How do you feel about bra sets with a nice satin or lace robe over the top? I find robes can be quite slimming and if you leave them open, floaty around the thighs :)

Thank you! They look beautiful! I like the i collection ones. I think that black dotty one is lovely! I've just ordered

And being a bit more daring, but still bum covering

Fingers crossed!

Now considering upur suggestion for the dotty one too! Thank you :) xx

I'm a pair shape too and I have just bought the Livia Corsetti Temperance crotchless floral lace bodystocking (£19.99) and it is soo incredibly flattering! To be honest I thought that they were a bit strange and it might feel like a giant pair of tights but the material is soft and the pattern is beautiful and it covers up my C section smile really well! Although I couldn't see it fitting if you have really long legs (I am 5ft4)

I do have a body stocking, which is surprisingly flattering and comfortable. I don't have long legs, I have stumps lol (5'2) I think I put my bloke off of body stockings when I joked about the music video Cher did to If I Could Turn Back Time, and how she is wearing one in it lol :-x so he just associates it with that now hahaha.... My fault!
I just ordered that Icollection Dotty one.... My poor bank account.