Best toy for the G spot

Hi all. After some advise and recommendations for a you to get her g
spot every time. I was my OH to have a that you the gets her right in
the G spot every time. She is really big in clit pleasure but not had
any joy at getting a big O from the G. She loved her knickers remote
controlled vibe soni jumped right on that and got her a wand. She's been
smiling for a week from that and I want to give her the same smile
internally. So far weve tried. Clone a willy of myself, which she found
too hard and didn't have enough give with the solid vibe inside. Next
we purchased the fifty shades free girl rabbit vibe. With this she said
it felt like it was pushing against her bladder and didn't do anything
for her. Anothet attempt was a soft basics dong. As she is really
petite this was a struggle to get in and really didn't hit anything for
her. She's tried the keggles and they did nothing other than she felt
rubbed her dry. We've popped in a vibrating love egg and again it
doesn't seem to touch the G spot for her. The Tracey Cox g spot mini
vibe didn't hit her spot either. So really struggling to find something
that does it for her. As mentioned she's really petite and during sexy
we only hit the spot in two positions. Doggy doesn't seem to get her
quite right so it's her straddled across my lap or on her back With her
legs high around me. Really looking for help on this one. Thanks

It does sound like you've tried quite a few things. Have you tried
stroking the area with your fingers? If you can find the right spot like
that it could help you choose the right shape/size toy.**** We've had a
lot of success with the curved toys, as well as glass dildos. As your
wife is quite petite you may want to check the specs to make sure
they're not too big for her. The Nubby glass dildo
( is a lot smaller than
most. It doesn't have a curve to it, but it can be angled up to stroke
the front wall. **** Not everyone enjoys all types of stimulation
though. Sometimes if you're trying too hard it can actually make it more
difficult, so as long as you're both having a nice time I wouldn't break
yourself over it. 🙂

Fun Louise has just reminded me about the Tracey Cox glass dildos
( The clear one is
quite slender (approx. 3.5" circumference at the widest sections)
and it has a curve as well as the ridges that Mrs Chimp particularly
enjoys. Just to compare, my wife finds the beaded glass dildo
( really good for her
g-spot/internal fun, but that's 8" long with a 4"
circumference at the tip graduating up to 4.5" at the penultimate
bulb so may be too large in your case.