Best Type of Dildos to Suck?

I was wondering if anyone had any comments about the best type of dildos to suck?

Unfortunately the sound proofing in my flat is not great and we thought it maybe a good idea to get my wife something that will keep her quiet when we are having fun.

I have looked at various different types and was not sure if Realistic Feel are 'suckable'. I believe that these do not smell as much as jelly / rubber, hence would be better.

We would also prefer something that heats up quickly and is not to hard when using it normally.

Cheers for any advice.


What about a ball gag or a pair of socks? Most dildos & such have that wierd smell, there's a couple of threads knocking about discussing this, if it smells crap it ain't gonna taste like much is it. I would do some reasearch. Never noticed any smell from any of our fun factory toys BTW

Crikey! that Sedeux wave would have your teeth out! You need a bit more that Polygrip to chew on that bugger!

Just a thought, why not invest n a nice dildo pillow (see March caption comp) or EazyRider, she can hump that like a whore whilst you 'ahem' silence her with your own personal dildo! Not every time but a change is good as a rest!

Would tend to go with the ball gag as suggested above, miss out the glass dildos, expensive on fillings, and go for a softer dildo that she can get her teeth into!! but take care just in case she gets into the habit of biting!!


Yeah the tantus looks like a possibilty due to the realistic look, however the black is not entirely what I was after.

I was after a realisitic look, hence the possibly of the realistic feel. Anyone know if these smell?

I will check out some of the threads with regards to smell.


My experience of smell is that silicone and vinyl both are fairly smell and taste free. Vinyl has the very slightest and not unpleasant smell, extremely subtle and quite tolerable. Silicone has an even slighter smell, barely even there.

My experience is that any dildo made from "jelly" or rubber or similar will smell the house down and should probably be avoided.

Good luck. :)

be careful of the prince charming dildos though they are quite big lol

kinda strange i thought i was the only one who got a kick out of watching my partner playing with a dildo whilst we were bumping

Nope LKS!!!!


Second that

I think you'd be better off with one of those Rock cocks you get from the sea side, or one of those huge dummies.

One that's just been pulled from the OH's pussy possibly?


I'd say silicone, but that's also not something I'd want to bite into - I have a lovely silicone dildo from Sh! that I use for teaching myself to deep throat. It feels like biting down onto it could easily become biting into it though, I wouldn't want to try!