Better sex

How to better your sex life???

I'm married for over 15years and that's a good question...think trust has alot to do with it.
Also being honest what you like and don't even bring married it can be quite nerve wracking about asking to try new things or anything like that, but once u try it and like it I think it makes it easier to enjoy sex as it is supposed to be enjoyed by both parties , as sometimes there can be a bit of a taboo..
Only recently my OH is trying toys and that's mad our sex life much better but my OH can be a bit shy or embarrassed to try new things so hopefully as she gets more confident she can enjoy trying or asking to try new things.

Enjoy it

Communication is the key. Talk to each other as to what each other wants . Often trying something new can provided a boost. But nothing will happen unless you talk to each other .

Communicate freely, ensure you both feel comfortable and the rest should come naturally ❤️

Communication is the key 🔑, we speak freely of our likes and dislikes.

100% be open and honest about everything, if there's something you don't like, or want to try, tell your partner. A good way is to try and keep it exciting, I find sending pictures, and sexting is a good way to do this - especially whilst being in a long distance relationship.

Trust, communication and don't be afraid to try something new!

We visited 😀. No looking back now

Don't be afraid to talk and try new things

Variety is the spice of life and Lovehoney provides both variety and spice to improve you sex life.

Toys / sexy underwear

Time to use the above

I have to agree with all of the above. You grow comfortable with your partner but dont get complacent. Enjoy, try new things and laugh about the things that dont work out.

Visited Lovehoney and it went from there. There is still more I want to try, but other half I can't get out of her what she would really like to try. I must say this place with what I have bought some great some not so great and these forums help get ideas too.

It's great to try new things or depending what you would like to try

Depends how kinky you feel like getting :P