Bi-Curious Men

Hi everyone, question for the girls - do any of you get off on the idea of bisexual men? As in a 3sum where the guys play with each other ass well as you? I've never done anything but am pretty curious, just want to know what the feelings are out there.


It'd obviously vary from girl to girl but I find the idea of mmf 3somes really hot, I read an ebook a while ago by an author called Ashley Ladd that was about that very subject [though in their case the males were partners, it just took them by surprise she wanted in!] - but yes m/m fantasies definately get me off...

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It's something I've always loved the thought of.

Really? What in particular do you both like about it?

Yes! I know there's a few men i'd love to see my fella with but unfortunatley he's not in the least bit curious :-(

Lol well if you were a lady he'd go for it no hesitation!

Hi blackpanther,

welcome to the forums! Just have a quick peek at the rules so no one can take your comments the wrong way (very hard when it's written text, can't tell the tone!)

I don't think I could have a threesome of any kind, I have very low self confidence and get jealous very easily. Even though I have complete faith and trust in my other half it just seems like too much heartache for me!


alone4ever wrote:

sn09 sounds like you wouldn't mind BP doing you. would your OH go for you doing another guy, sorry not checked your profile don't know your orientation. for the him watching you with another woman.

No. It's a fantasy and no more, and I don't think my fella will be too happy when he sees that post.

its not something ive particuarly thought of, but if i had the chance i would try it.

I definately felt a twinge or ten watching Brokeback Mountain the kissing was so raw and rough...HOT!

I identify as a lesbian as the only male I've ever been attracted to is my current partner and don't ever want to try anything with another man. However, if I did like other guys I'd probably find a mmf with guy-on-guy action hot as I'm a bit of a voyeur!


Yes i think it's really hot, not something that i would do tho as my husband wouldn't do it and i would be too jealous!

Not for me I'm afraid.

Not sure why but I find it a bit of a turn off. Fair enough if that's your thing though


Very interesting comments everyone, thanks for your thoughts. SweetLove, why would you try it if you had the chance?

blackpanther wrote:

Very interesting comments everyone, thanks for your thoughts. SweetLove, why would you try it if you had the chance?

because you never know if you would like something untill youve tried it. i would never discount anyhting ( legal) fully untill i have enough experience to make the descision

True, you have to try these things I guess. I think I would try it too, have had a few limited experiences

Blackpanther i can tell you that it is a wounderfull experience having two men playing with each other while i watch and later getting involved is magical tried it quite a few times now and it gets better every time my husband loves it just as much as me

i am bisexual and i was honest with my wife about it from day 1 of us going out just encase i made a playful comment about a guy on tv or something and it shocked her or anything.

i would never cheat on her but i do find myself at times highly interested in watching MMF bi porn and wishing that its something my wife and i could do but know for sure she wouldnt be interested, mainly because ive asked her out of curiosity and she said she isnt interested at all.

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I love the idea of a MMF bi threesome. Mr McPlunder is bi, and it is something we've talked about breifly, and it seems we'd both be up for it. I can't see it happening anytime soon though, the idea is there but it needs alot more discussion, besdies which I personally still need to gain more self confidence.

The thought of it REALLY turns me on though. Boy-love is awesome! :-D

I've always known oh was bi-curious. When we were only friends he hinted at it and well, I could just sense it , you know?

I honestly don't know if we'd every have a threesome either way - but only because of the emotional ties. If we were to though, I'd be equally interested in MMF as FFM. I'm bi myself anyway, so theoretically could be interesting either way ;) Another bi couple? there's a thought... just don't know if we'd go through with it.

I quite like the thought of two guys touching. I like intimate moments regardles of what gender. :)