big girl, little boyfriend

my boyfriend is a little smaller (shorter and skinnier) than me, so sex is a little difficult because i am taller and heavier i cant go one top, and we cant do any of those fancy standing up ones or lifting ones...I like missionary but he gets little sensation from it, so we pretty much stick to doggy.
Was wondering if anyone has the same trouble with height difference, or could suggest some other positions that wont end up in me crushing him.

hey hun if your board of doggystyle try the tangled spider or the raising the mast both pretty similar but if you can get it just right you will get the depth you want and your bf will be able to get pleasure in the way he wants. hope it helps remeber to look through that website it has tons of info and pictures

hi deary, i have the exact same problem as you, except im smaller than my man, but definetly a lot heavier than him, and yes there is hope and yes hyou can go on top... just position yourself so that your legs (knees) support your weight- thats what i do, and my man loves it

Spoons! Or lie on your back, him on his side. Easier to do than describe!!

thanks! that looks like a really good site, i'll try some out over christmas (i haven't seen him for a month so we have a lot of catching up to do) :)

Yeah my man is shorter and skinner then me hee hee
We love doggy, but dont be shy to jump on him and go on top, he is still a bloke and YOU WONT CRUSH HIM!! Trust me ive tried and tested, also use your knees to support your self so your not flat on him. Its really special when he lays behind me and we have sex like that as you can get really close and have a cuddle. Or you can stick him on a chair. That way you are still on top but have control of your own body as your feet are firmly on the ground.

Agreeing that you won't crush him. You may feel self conscious but it's not as big of deal as you think! Afterall, how many couples exist where the guys are bigger than the girls? Do they crush them? Nope.

I'm a fair bit shorter than my man as well!! I always find on top way easier if I support myself on the head board whilst kneeling. Either that or if you do want to stand up you can stand on your tip toes with your legs together, bend over slightly (and hold onto something...), get your man to stand behind you with his legs reasonably far appart.
Or you can get him to pin you to the wall, wrap your legs about him and go from there - he doesn't need to be that strong once you get in position as the wall supports your weight. And it can be pretty humerous getting there!

Well, I'm a big girl and I would say that like, all of my boyfriends have been smaller than me in either weight or height or both - and on top is my favourite position, AND the one I'm best at (so I'm told).

I don't think you need to worry about crushing him, as long as you have your weight distributed properly when you're on top of him. A good way to do this is to sick a few pillows under his bum so his pelvis is higher up, meaning that some of your weight is resting on his pelvis, but most is on your knees on the bed... And if you're still feeling self-conscious, brace your hands against the bed or against the wall, that'll bring some of your weight forward and dangle your boobs invitingly in his face, too!!

But there are loads of other positions you can try - a favourite of mine with a quite small ex was me lying on my right side, right knee spread on the bed, him kneeling upright between my legs, pushing my left knee back towards my chest. Great for him because he's totally in control of depth and speed, and he can see his cock going in and out (which they apparently love), and great for you because it's missionary-like, he gets great depth, and you get to see how much he's enjoying it!!

Is Big girl, little boyfriend the norm on Orgasm Army?
Is it the norm in Britain?

I'm taller than my babe, she is a little on the heavy side - but to be fair, she wants a nude holiday and is losing the weight. Oh and she loves my cock!

my oh is a bit bigger the she wants to be due to the change but boy has she got the power now to power fuck wow

fill her with sperm then!

i do quite often thanks