big sex toys

Hi all,

My wife loves using big dildos and toys ( just discoverd cock locker large!) and was just wonderig if there any other guys out there who like thier wives/girlfriends using big toys just before they have sex to give that really loose feeling?

Yep I do!

Sometimes my partner likes to use a dildo or vib to worm me up first because I'm very tight, but I wouldn't say it's to give that losse feeling.

My OH uses a 7 1/2 circumfrance dildo that she often uses in her pussy or anally to loosen things up before we have a session. Helps it last longer!

Among all of our sex toys we have the the Doc Johnson Great American Challenge Huge Dildo, 12 inches of insertable and a 9 inch girth. It is awesome to say the least but with some lube applied it slides in and is just an amazing toy and great fun and pleasure for us both.

I also regularly fist my wife as well.

Just love opening her up.