Hi guys, it is my OH's birthday later this month and I want to surprise him with a night of amazing sex. We are both pretty much open to everything so all suggestions will be appreciated. I feel like we've tried everything so tips and ideas from you lot would be amazing!

Put on a show for him, sexy lingerie, strip and masterbate with toys while you make him sit and watch. Then a long slow BJ. He will be a very happy birthday boy.

+1 GG

If for some reason GG's idea doesn't float your boat - We tried out some board games from lovehoney and can recommend monogamy. Lots of sexy fun

+1 for monogamy as im sure your find something in there that you havnt tried and its quite fun. the best birthday surprise i had envolved food and getting a bit messy but i guess it depends what he likes

Depending on time scale, get a book on how to massage, then provide a candle lit massage with essential oils, finish with a head massage, before moving in front of your chap and then follow Gentle Giants plan and your chap will be putty for a long time.