Bit of DIY......and hacking IKEA furniture into ......

so i had a bit of time today and managed to finish off ( pretty much ) the homemade sexecessory that i'd started a while back. It had been trialed in 'Beta Mode' - but really need some aesthetic touches to make it look a bit better as well as adding to the comfort level a bit. Annoyingly ran out of spray paint, which is why it's a bit blothcy in places!!

This started out as a humble IKEA trestle. I liked one of its features which was that you could raise the original 'top' a bit with a mischievous mind i set about turning it into something a bit more fun. I discarded the legs as i reckoned they'd be too flimsy and substituted with ply and then the narrow top was replaced with a wider piece of ply. Oh and a couple of kneeling pads were added as well.

As a first attempt i used some cut up camping mat as padding, but JJ moaned ( no double entendre intended) that it was uncomfy on the knees. Today i added some foam, then another layer of the camping mat and finally covered with vinyl for an easy wipe down.

The exposed wooden bits that you can see are a work in progress. They did have a stirrup type fixing through them, but that wasn't a perfect re-thinking those. The larger 'pad' has kitchen cup type hooks underneath, which is handy for threading rope through or chain - perfect for some easy restraint. With just the larger pad in position in serves as a bit of a spanking horse the pad can be inclined so that the err 'subject' has their bum and 'bits' nicely exposed as they kneel on the side pads. Alternatively simply moving the pad backwards allows for a second smaller pad to be fitted - with the large pad more inclined as a backrest and the bum on the smaller one ( hence wanting some form of support/restraint for the legs ).

Basically i made it to the height that's perfect for me/us: spanking, doggie with it in 1 position or 'on the back' restraint' in the other. It's been tested 3-4 times now ( ahead of the cosmetics today) and has been a hit.

Could have made it far cheaper if i'd had the skill to measure/cut angles - which would have avoided buying the IKEA frame, and could have bought much cheaper ply. All in all i think it stands in at about £65.

I love the idea and you certainly have the skills! I expect to see you marketing sex and bondage furniture in the coming years!

I have often looked at bondage furniture and not bought any because I cannot justify the amount of money that is asked so if it can be hand made then that's great!

double post!

thanks! well not sure about 'certainly have the skills' - i'm sure a handyperson could do better, but like you i baulked at the cost of the 'pro furniture', moreover the commerical stuff is often bulky and not so easy to hide away.....

the bench breaks down with 2 bolts to take the sides apart and 4 bolts if i want to take the kneeling pads off - or more them higher/lower ( there's other fixing points each side )....

Ha nice one!

Your first link doesn't work however and *cough* bitly ( personal mission to get everyone to link shorten ha)

TTurtle wrote:

Ha nice one!

Your first link doesn't work however and *cough* bitly ( personal mission to get everyone to link shorten ha)

General GEEK at work again? ...

but OP great idea I have often wondered about building my own..... however I have no skills....or tools lol sighhhhh

Doubt we'll see this on the IKEA hacker site. Love it tho!! lol

We have thought about making something like that, after having seen a 'sex chair' for sale in a sex shop somewhere. Well done for making it!

We thought that with the addition of some strategic vibes and some way of restraining using those velcro luggage strap things it could be a good play bondage chair too. The only worry would be to make sure it couldn't fall over in the heat of the moment!

Belle, before i hacked the bench i'd already done teh same to a high backed chair. it had a high wooden back with an upholstered seat it happened teh pad was removable. So i just used it as a template and cut a bit of mdf to the same size, then cut out a V type shape......the users legs ate tied open to the chair legs, and obviously the open part of teh V gives acces to 'intimate' areas.......

wanting to keep my hands free for other titillation i bought microphone stands , a short and a normal height. the short one just fits under the front rail of the chair and to that i can attach a vac u lock dildo, a wand, or standard vibe.....the longer 'phone stand reaches over the top and also can attach the wand/erocsillator to that for 'C' play.....using both at the same time and having handcs free for other 'work' is perfect.

whats even better is that the same stands are also perfect for use in conjunction with the bench. inexpensive way of creatig alternative furiniture/fun and easy to hide away as just a question of swapping the pads.

You see ladies, this is why us men spend so long in the powertool section of B&Q

Tiberius wrote:

You see ladies, this is why us men spend so long in the powertool section of B&Q

Brilliant comment, and I love it good work!