My OH took me to a sex shop yesterday and had a bit of fun embarrassing me witha member of the sales staff, an idea he got from a book he tells me,

With me next to him he starts asking what would be a good sized butt plug for a novice to use and also asking about a ball gags for a beginner to wear. And just to make it clear they were for me, ho asked the sales person about a maids outfit amd he turns to me and says you are a size 12 aren't you?

I was bright red and didn't know where to look, the sales person though acted as if he had seen it all before, but god was i wet when we got outside (i;m a bit of subbie)

Anybody else been played with in public

You should head to London for the day! Plenty of naughty shops in Soho and a 2 floor one on Oxford Street. My girlfriend loves going out for the day and getting some new toys. Always wanted to play in public just havent managed to man up and go for it haha. We had alot of fun with this on the tube comes with a wireless remote :).

Hah we are in London and we were in SOHO but thanks and he likes to play with me in public A LOT!

Wots the story on the tube, would love to hear it!

Well we went to London for the weekend did abit of shopping and she thought it was a good idea to slip in our new toy. Unknown to me while we were walking it was making the sensor remote move setting it off. I only realised till we got on the tube where we had some fun with it. Had to go back to the hotel after that to freshen up :).

Sounds fun, could you notice it affecting her on the tube? was it busy?

She was loving it was begging me to stop as it was busy. But i carried on anyway, her legs werent responding too well when we got to our stop. Good thing she had a seat for the ride.

i bet wasn't her only ride that day? :)

have you not been tempted to use it again in public?

Have been just limited due to living in lincolnshire. Usually pack our bags and stay the night in london :) Want to have more fun in public its just the when and where! Busier the better haha. We always have a great dirty weekend in london and spend more than we should on toys and dvds.

o/h always suprises me so not sure what will happen or where. we once attaned a posh party with me knickerless under a knee length dress with a butt plug and clit clamp in place, i found it very hard to concentrate on conversations and I was terrified the plug would fall out in front of everybody but a great fun evening!

clench and smile haha. sounds like a great evening! got a few butt plugs dont have any clamps though havent tried them. Are they any good?

Well the OH will say thay are good and whoever wears a clamp is very aware of it but they can be sore if worn too long, i know this from many experiences, we have a set of 3 clamps on chains so t they can be attached to nipples as well as my clit.

We are just back from Amsterdam, went into a bondage shop and had to explain to OH why there was a toilet brush attached to a leather head mask.

She loved seeing a guy in a suit testing out paddles to buy and there was another great conversation where a Sales guy in bondage gear was explaining the options for different shaped butt plugs to an elderly couple.

Had to explain to her how some of the 'couples' vibs were meant to work much to the enjoyment of the staff.

Great fun going to sex shops as a couple and trying to push the boundaries.

Hah, yes sounds fun, i won't suggest Amsterdam to OH as god knows what he will do with me there!