black spots

Hello everyone I have the cupids silent smoothie vibrator 6.5, I noticed it had black marks all over it they look like burns and I was wondering if anyone knew why.. I wash it every time I use it and throughly dry before putting it away.. has this happened to anyone else, thanks xx

black marks? sounds like mould spots to me.

Im afraid its ready for the bin ![](upload://f8zGclFeQx35HwZLqJ7J1rFzQ0n.gif)

Not sure what it is but sounds like it needs binning :/

It will be dye off another toy or whatever it was stored in or next to, this happened to our g-spot smoothie vibe which is made from the same material,it's a good idea to keep toys separated or wrapped in a bag of some kind as some can even react together and kind of melt,our problem was a few black speckles around the handle,they won't clean off but as it's not on the shaft part we didn't throw it away but revised how we store our toys

Sounds like it's mould sphors, I would throw it away immediately.

Have you been storing it in a storage bag? Is the area it's stored prone to damp? Is there a bit of a musky smell where it's being kept? Sometimes some areas just seem to be damp. Like I have a certain cupboard in my kitchen, I put a fabric lunch bag in there and a week later it had sphors all over it! I really need to get someone out to damp proof that cupboard!

Howz can it possibly be mould. Doesn't make sense it's like burns /: x

Without seeing it and/or running a lab test it's difficult to know what exactly it is. The fact remains that you need to get rid of it though...!
Send it to rabbit amnesty and get yourself some oh points

Says it's made from skin safe rubber, could it be a reaction with silicone lube?

Im certain it isn't mould because its part of the toy not something that can be peeled off. I have noticed it gets pretty hot.. as for dye transfer I store them dry xxx

The lube I use is water which is safe for the toy . I'll post a pic of the toy later xx

Dye can be transferred even when stored dry, I found when some of our toys touched my black pvc pants, if that helps.

We've had the same happen when one of our dildoes was touching the leather harness in the draw.

How was yours stored? was there anything in there that could have transfered any colour, cable, wire, leather.