Blue pills... did they work? Any side effects?

Question for guys - what kind of sex performance pills or herbal pills or whatever you call them pills.. have you tried? Was there big improvements that night, rock hard little friend, more cum or maybe some side effects? I want to try one, but i would read something from experience first, if you don’t mind.

Wasn’t a blue pill but got got given a ceealis - think that’s how you spell it

was well good

Used viagra, did have desired effect very long lasting very hard erection....then came the worst headache ever and vomiting...would never use again.

I've tried some from here, yes they do seem to have at least some effect, downside is they can also give you a thumping headache. Take a look at the reviews?

I found plenty of water helped reduce the hangover-like effects. Also the side effects (but not the erection effects) definitely seemed to reduce after a couple uses.

Played with Viagra years ago . Found 25 mg was just about right for some stellar performance . Then one night for fun I took 50mg , oh my god I do not think I ever came with so much force and volume ! I had buddys that regularly took 100 mg . I myself did not have any ill effects . Peformance for me was even better than when younger and a body builder for four years . A common side effect was seeing blue / greens blended or switched .

I have a low testosterone level so I have been prescribed Viagra for some years now. It works well for me.

There is a slight light headed feeling about 30 minutes after I take one and occasionally a mild headache if I don't orgasm for any reason but I'm very happy with them overall.

I have also tried Cialis and they work too.

The only real difference is that Viagra is only reall effective if taken on an empty stomach whereas Cialis works anytime.

OH always takes one before a swinging session these days, has tried most sorts and currently takes sildenafil (think that's the name!). They all work well, don't affect his cumming but keep him hard when he wants to be (but not all the time, as some think these pills do). He says he's never had any side effects.

Tried the blue pills a few times and they definitely work especially next morning.....never woken up so hard. Downside they didn't give me a headeache but indigestion pain for about three days which wasnt nice.

I am presribed sildenafil 100mg because of my low testosterone. They only work when used with topical application of testosterone gel, which has to be every day. Then they work within 20-30 minutes of swallowing the tablet, then continue to work for at least 24 hours, so guaranteed morning wood next day! Not had any side effects described here elsewhere in this thread.

Have tried viagra,

My Dr recommended I take half a pill and that I would get the same effect as a full pill, so the pack of 4 lasted longer. I had very strong erections, I found it was easy to get hard again with light touch from anything (sheets, clothing, partners finger tips). Walked around constantly getting hard just from the movement. Took it at night and the next day a constant light headache that lasts for most of the day. Could still perform with the headache and I last longer on the pills. My OH loves the stronger erection which also appears bigger than I normally am. Would I take it again knowing about the headache that follows? YES.

Done it years ago with the ex for a chuckle...24hour hard on and couldn't cum. Was fun while having sex.. When didn't it sore we stopped but I still had a stauner and some set of blue balls. Genuinely horrible Tried half one with the new Mrs a while ago...nothing, but I got a hard on again quickly after for another go..

have tried 2 of the 3 pills i had great luck with cialis vigra worked some but it quit working only side effect was seeing blue after taking nothing else happened. now the pills nor the shot works even used a pump that did not go well either. my advice to young guys dont smoke and keep your surgar levels low or you will regret it someday i learned the hard way.just because he dosent get up dosent mean you dont think about sex at 10 hrs a day and it hurts like hell to live this way. my okd man went thru it never did bother to give the heads up so guys have been warned im sure lot of other guys suffer the same way but wont talk about it good luck to all

Ok, so hubby has heart failure which prevents him getting erect and therefore us having penetrative sex. Dr has prescribed some pills for this, which we tried for the first time yesterday.

We had a fumble and cuddles and kisses, but without success. This is only the second time we have even tried to have any fun in 2 years. It was nice but not as much fun as we had hoped.

Over 60 and no chiseling granite with my hardon . I have to have some input from Wife , but very rarely does . We used to buy 100mg and cut in half twice . 100 mg same price per pill as 25 mg . Was thinking about getting some for trying to using a clone-a-willy kit . Cock rings can also help .

I got some pills from a vending machine in a pub toilet , took them as directed, drank plenty of water, and found the difference quite unremarkable but 24 hours later the old chap got harder and lasted longer and no noticeably side effects. Might have been a fluke but will try again with possible advance planning for the next day.

Interesting paulsballs . Keep us posted . There are a ton of holistic / vitamin based ones . Most are quite expensive and you have to sign up for monthly delivery and or buy 30 days worth .

Anybody got anything for a higher volume of semen ? No problems with geting hard would just like to ejaculate a bigger dosage

Deve&Debe wrote:

Anybody got anything for a higher volume of semen ? No problems with geting hard would just like to ejaculate a bigger dosage

You might find this thread useful. 👍

I was prescibed Viagra about a decade ago when it was really expensive and also needed a private presciption too, so was rather offputting to get.

However, the first time I used it, me and my wife agree it was our favourite session. With only 4 pills then we never really got to adjust the dosage properly to make the most of them.

Earlier this year, I took advantage of being able to get the prescription online without having to pay loads just in the private prescription cost, and since the exclusive period had expired getting Sildenafil (what viagra actually is), for far less, and opted for 50mg tablets.

Now we generally use it if we're going to have an evening to ourselves. We haven't really experimented with the dosage, as have found the 50mg to be sufficient for a few hours, with only mild side effects (slight headache).