Board/sex games

We bought a board game for a laugh a long time ago and it was awful, so dull and boring and for life of me can’t think what it was but has anyone tried any of the games lately?

Don’t want anything that’s dull but more edgy, more fun and out there. Do Lovehoney do anything like this and not the roll the dice kiss her on lips.


Board game on here and majority of the reviews are great and personally one of our favourites!

I’ve just tested Hot Love card game and it was pretty good but may be too tame for your tastes.

There are more edgy games but they will be on competitor sites. Surprisingly the home of craft selling has some interesting adult material that may be more your speed.

Monogamy is the best one I’ve played

Nookii was alright, it needs some tweaks, for example replacing the included timer with one of your own so the loud TICKTICKTICK doesn’t kill the mood.

We’ve had fun with Nookii, although we “cheat” by removing the cards that aren’t of interest or might slow thing down.

Or we each pick our top 5, and then let each other choose from our “short list”.

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Naked Twister… Not quite a board game but can be fun. :wink:


Especially if you add paint to the circles.

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My review of Hot Love game is now live:

Sounds good :relieved: