Body count

Exactly the same as me. I love the idea of being with more than one woman. Being used by them in any which way

Female, 43, and 9, all male.

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33 and just 1, my wife.


I’m 56 and all 9 of mine have been women. Some of you have been real busy.

Before I met the OH, I was on plenty of fish, pretty much had a slut every night!

I’m over 20 now, more women than men, all regulars (no one offs), and the numbers are growing every year. Husband is nearly 30, nearly all women, again no one offs and numbers still growing.

I am 52 and I think it’s something like 8 but to be honest I’ve never actually counted (been with my OH for 35 years though). All men except a few phone sex encounters with women I met on another forum many many years ago, but never actually had real life sex with a woman.


Oohhhh the phone sex sounds interesting. Have you ever wanted to take it step further? I used to use apps to have phone/video sex and loved it

At the time yes, but not anymore too happy with my OH now

Makes perfect sense. Was it just women? Couples?

Just women but there was only one that seem to mean something at the time as, it was almost like a long distance phone relationship that lasted a few months with a lot of sneaking around making phone calls from phone boxes or when OH was at work (feel ashamed now)with a lot of masturbation both sides (she was married as was I) later found out she took her new found sexuality to another level and she actually met another woman in real life and left her husband (this was well after we stopped communicating for one reason or another). My hubby knew I frequented this particular forum and was not happy as 90% of the members where mainly lesbians as it was an official forum of a popular tv show about a fictional women’s prison that was on in the UK at the time.

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That’s really interesting. I used to love doing video sex. At any moment trying to play was so much fun x