Body count

How many people have u slept with and your age. Im 37 and 19 from what I could remember. This is just intercourse not including oral or just foreplay.


I am in my mid 30s. My wife’s the only one I slept with

I’ve fooled around with other women and orgasmed with an ex-girlfriend in my teens. But my wife’s the only person I slept with


I’m 42 and I’ve slept with 2 people. My first BF and my husband. Done other stuff with a couple of blokes at Uni but the first time I slept with my husband he made me cum 5 times in about an hour and I was like, no further research needed, this is the one for me!


50 years old and 24…

Don’t really keep a count… Does it really matter

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No idea, but I’ve had a great time :dancer:t2:

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I’m 34 and my count is 2. First was a friend of a friend during the days of MSN Messenger (really showing age there lol) and the second was my ex-wife.

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68 and 7

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I have only had 4 men in my life and 2 women

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That kinda sounds like a good mix of sexual understanding… what was your favourite… BE HONEST !!! Lol

Gender M
Age 38
Body Count Intercourse only 6
Other non intercourse sexual partners 2

I’m a former SW so my numbers are ridiculously high


Em - About 40
Joe - About 15

So is my OH… She only did it for a year or so but recons about 350+ real relationships.

Two, my wife and a gf I had when my wife and I had a little falling out. Seeing other people was allowed. It did the trick for the relationship.

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I’m in my early 30’s. Didn’t have sex until 26. All of the people in my count are my current partners that I live with. Never had a breakup or a fling, and I don’t see that changing.

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How many partners do you have…?

Mr Married Man
Age 40
Body Count Intercourse only 12
Other non intercourse sexual partners 3

Mrs Married Man
Age 41
Body Count Intercourse only 2
Other non intercourse sexual partners 1