Body Paint

Nothing like putting some spice into a relationship by having some fun with bodypaint. Get your partner to paint you then you can have a go at painting him.Guaranteed to make you laugh and to turn you both on. Be very careful you don't spill any tho. It can be very messy stuff!!

Yeah but the chocolate stuff tastes like the cheap Smarties your mum would try and fob you off with!

Yeah & I have always found that I feel a bit sick half way through licking it off & get bored!

i tried body paint but found melted cooking chocolat more effective, makes things more interesting when its set

I agree, proper chocolate is much more fun. the body paint you get designed for sex is crap!.....Cadburies buttons do the trick.
I think its best to add some other flavours too to stop you getting bored!
makes you want to lick all the different areas if they all have different tastes!

The Strawberry body paint's not too bad - mostly sugar though. I find chocolate spread is the best thing - plenty of different varieties and no need to do any melting.

For me I prefer melting some luxury belgian chocolate and taking a can of spray cream to bed, then dab and spray where you want to be licked and he follows the trail....

Although that earlier experiment with custard was a bit traumatizing, it's very slippy and a pint goes a long way... it resulted in 2 people sitting in a bath of yellow water looking a bit sheepish - it didn't help that I couldn't stop giggling from start to finish as I gobbed great handfulls from the tub and hurled them at him... heh heh

Custard? Innovative, very innovative. I can't imagine the reaction if I suggested that.

To be honest though, melted quality chocolate would be good, but I guess there is the heat factor. You could probably mix it with some fresh cream to keep it sloppy and cool it down

Personally I am a plain and simple champagne guy. Yes it's messy but the bubbles are fantastic on the nipples and other sensitive areas.

mmmm champers, if only I liked the taste.... Berringer I do like however and the pink colour is kinda romantic.

As to the chocolate you melt it in a bowl over hot water - it stays runny quite a time. If you want something special find a product called: Brand: GU product: Saucy little pots. They are incredible little pots of chocolate, fast to melt in the microwave and will mix with milk/cream without stiffening into odd texture like normal chocolate will.

And well, the custard was his fantasy, I just surprised him and he discover fantasy and reality just don't mix sometimes :P

Nothing wrong with edible body paint, but i cannot imagine anyone going out for the evening with something that is likely to melt or run off them ;o)

Body paint however is suitable to go out in (advise wearing some clothes tho, even if it is just a long jacket),you will have to make sure it is a warm evening too :o) And just watch the hard on your partner/hubby (or even wife) will get knowing just how little your wearing, it is possible to go out painted with body paint and people don't even realise (or maybe they were too drunk to realise...i will never know,lol)

melted mars bars are great!!!!! yes you get sticky but then you can have second session in shower so buy one get one free!!!! lol

i like squirty cream, You can squirt anywere you want(even your pussy and then your bloke has to put his tounge in deep to get it out) mmmmmmmmmmmmm

ooo yes! squirty cream is a real goodie! I like to use this with my hubby with ready chopped up bits of strawberries to add on top of the squirts of cream... yum.. and highly satisfying in more ways than one! ;-) x

Ohh yeah squirty cream and the sticky chocolate sauce you put on ice cream.. mmmm just so Irresistable!!!

luv using squirty cream, yoghurt etc