Bodystockings with bra?

Hi guys. I've got a big weekend coming up and I'd love to wear a bodystocking under my evening dress instead of a basque with stockings. The thing is even tough I love bodystockings and they make me feel very confident, they don't support my boobs. I don't have big puppies, I'm a 34 C/D, but I breastfed for a long time and I'm sure most of you know things go a bit South after that - lol! I wanna hit the dance floor and I don't feel very safe especially because I work out several times a week and always, always wear a high impact sports bra because I don't like anything jumping up and down apart from me.

I don't know maybe I'm expecting too much, but a bodystocking is so much easier than fiddling around with suspender straps and a basque. I've do admit that the basque does make my boobs look nice and lifted, but the two I've got show up tunder my dress and I reckon it's easier buy another lingerie rather than a dress. Decisions, decisions it's not easiy being a woman - lol!

So I'd appreciate any suggestions or recommendations. Thanks a lot.

Yes I agree a bodystocking can be quite bit smoother looking under clothes . I have worn a bra under mine if I gone out somewhere cos I've got quite large boobs and I like them to be under full control and the extra support of a bra makes it much more comfortable too .

A body stocking with bra under sounds ideal if you're going to be having an active evening , you can dance away in full confidence !

How about a Quarter cup bra to give you some support ? Might be a help ?

I have a cups and will still occasionally wear bras under bodystockings as I prefer wearing one. Should be fine :) x

Ooo, good for you :)

Body stockings are a great choice for under clothes / dresses as they are comfy, give a smoother silhouette and are easy to wear while giving the appearance of stockings. I always wear a bra under mine if I am out as I need the support (D cup, no breast feeding here, they're just heavy haha). Wearing a bra under the body stocking certainly looks good so no worries there.

You have asked for suggestions so could you tell us a bit more of what you're looking for such as colour, material, long / short sleeve or sleeveless?

Thanks for your help girls. I'm happy I'm not the only one who likes to have an extra support outside the bedroom.

I'm not fussed about the material as I like a lot of things, not keen on the wet look stuff though. I'd say the colour would have to be black or dark plum, purple, navy and no sleeves. And no fishnets either as the two bodystockings I've already own are fishnets.

Thanks again!

I didn't ask about things such as size (some also come in plus size if required) or neckline but here are a few to consider (some are on 2 for £20 too!)

This one is currently out of stock but may be available before you need it. The front is higher up the stomach on this so may not be best if you're looking for more coverage but it is comfortable and hides well under clothes.

This one does say fishnet in the title but isn't the usual fishnet. Could be a little high on the chest depending on neck line but has more body coverage. It gives the Basque and stockings look in a body stocking. This one also comes in plum if you fancied some colour.

Black -

Plum -

This one also says fishnet and is but I thought it would be worth linking as it is different to just fishnet. It looks to be the longest body of the ones that I have linked so with this (or any), you need to consider the practicality of you're briefs.

Hope this has helped, happy shopping :)