Bodysuit with poppers which way round?

I have a bodysuit with poppers i don't how its going to look on me but thought why not try something different, i have never worn one before so i'm not sure which way round it goes on, does the nipple poppers go at the front or is it the other way round, laughing at myself because i don't even know how to describe it.

I don’t know but wow I want one

I'm guessing the nipple poppers go at the back and the hole popper at
the a baby vest? I would have thought so anyway x

It doesn’t say anything about nipple poppers in the description so I’m
confused - it doesn’t have press studs just in the crotch? X

I thnk Delboy has described it well, Yes it would be just like a babys vest. NatandTom yes it has normal poppers where you press it into the other side, I just didn't know which way you put the bodysuit on as there is no tag on the bodysuit. Thanks

Ah gotcha! Looks nice anyway hope you like it!

Thanks, It looks nice and it feels nice, shame there isn't a mans one on LH.

Can't seem to click on the link, but in my experience the nipple poppers
go at the front.

My kids' baby vests have the nipple/male popper at the front and the
hole/female popper at the back. We also have this teddy
( that has crotch
poppers and the nipple/male connector is also at the front.

Thanks Ian, I guess with the bodysuit i have it wouldn't matter which
way i put it on.

Wow, very sexy, I would guess it also may be slightly wider around the
bum than the front