So, here's the thing. OH absolutely adores anal play of all descriptions. Now I'm happy to indulge him when I fancy it but I also want to keep myself nicely intact! He's brilliant and very gentle (unless instructed otherwise!!) as he is rather well endowed so that's all good. However, the sight of things disappearing into me turns him on just as much, if not more than actual anal sex. Fine, fine , fine so I invested in a select few toys for him to play with. He loves them but I know a huge fantasy of his is to use a bottle for the same purpose. He's thinking glass beer bottle rather than plastic but I have my concerns with breaking, vacuums etc. Any advice? Am a being sensible or have I just heard too many Casualty horror stories! Help please?!

Hrm... I think that you're actually fine using glass, as long as the quality is good enough. However I think I'd personally be reserved about it, just incase! It does take quite alot to break a glass bottle, and I know people who have done this without harm, but if you are cautious why not get him to try one of those plastic ones that you get in clubs to start with? They look enough like glass anyhoo...

I know that some bottles are thick, but any type of glass can have sharp nicks and cracks. Also, a glass bottle has the potential to break into razor sharp pieces so for this reason I'd never use it myself. Glass dildos are always made from borosilicate glass which breaks into small cubes - very diffent from a wine or beer bottle.

So my advice is stay safe and don't do it with glass. Why not suggest something else that might look horny to him - like a baseball bat, cucumber or whatever.

Ah BBG, knew I could rely on your extensive technical knowledge! Erm, baseball bat may be taking it bit far for me, although his head would explode I know! I'm even a little wary of the glass dildos because of the whole shattering aspect and I think plastic bottles may be even worse when it comes to vacuums.
I've spotted a gap in the LH market - dildo that looks like a bottle anyone?!

I have been using glass bottles for many, many years. My long-time favourite is a maple syrup bottle - cylindrical, 5.8 inches long, 8.5 inches circumference.
I have four firm rules for using glass bottles.
One - always use bottles that have secure lids.
Two - never use an empty bottle (fill to the brim with warm water, then put the lid on. Should make a very tight seal).
Three - test the bottle first by filling it with very hot (not quite boiling) water.
Four - thoroughly examine the bottle for faults, including hairline cracks, before every insertion.

Filling the bottle with water will minimise any potential problems associated with compression. Plus, you can use hot (well, warm!) water or cold, according to your preference.

Once inserted (provided you've selected a bottle short enough that it doesn't protrude unduly), I'd suggest that a glass bottle is pretty safe. The bum has remarkable cushioning qualities. You'd have to indulge in some pretty awful contortions for an inserted glass bottle to be in danger of shattering.

Plastic bottles, now, I regard as dangerous! Especially if inserted empty! The darn things are far too liable to split under pressure, and frequent use will weaken them.

I just made the mistake of searching 'bottle dildo' in google. My eyes!

I am so tempted now to go google searching *sigh*
Or the infamous bottle guy lol

I'm guessing youre not wanting full insertion. Could try the neck of a wine bottle with a thick condom on it if you're worried about faults that could scratch you up.

Is it true that an empty bottle would create a vacuum?

Cheers Grintle. Yep crayola, was an ass virgin til last year so the neck will be fine! I think it's more the visual he's after than how much actually goes in there, he's quite happy watching anything (fingers, vibes etc) disappear up there. Just realised I'm making myself sound like a Mary Poppins carpetbag. Will now shut up!

What about a glass dildo? Is it just the shape of the bottle that he likes? If so I'm sure you could find a dildo which was tapered towards the base which would satisfy this aspect of his fantasy. I'd steer clear from glass bottles completely as I dont think its worth the risk. I have to admit I have used them myself before I owned any sex toys, but I wouldnt look back now. The feel of glass is lovely but thats a good reason to get one of these babies:
Its designed for 'anal beginners' so it might really suit your needs. and its really pretty! And the whole toughened glass thing makes it a really safe option, as others have already mentioned.

[[I'd steer clear from glass bottles completely as I dont think its worth the risk]]
So, Onafrisky, Sir, you think a "borosilicate glass which breaks into small cubes" is a preferable source of internal laceration to ordinary glass? Hmm, would I prefer to be sliced up internally by a sharp shard? Or would I favour a small, sharp-edged cube?

Blimey, even an orgasmically grown cucumber has its risks!

Let's be real. If you're eager for a bit of sensual stimulation, you use what's to hand! If you're sensible, you carefully examine ANY toy that you contemplate stuffing where the sun doesn't shine! You assess the risks, and you take account of ALL the information you have available.

What I said about glass bottles (above) is empirical knowledge based on my long-term experience. It's NOT medically-based information. But it IS information.

I still feel that glass bottles are no less safe than glass dildoes. Or butternut squashes, even. If you insist on slamming your buttplug against the steel frame of your bed, it'll shatter whether it's ordinary glass or borosilicate. On the other hand, both sorts of toy are capable of providing you with exquisite pleasure if used sensibly and carefully!

Oh, fer Pete's sake! Take care, and enjoy! It's YOU who should decide what goes into whatever orifice you choose to fill!

(Apologies, Onafriskymission. I didn't wish to be rude. You expressed a commonly-held viewpoint about glass, but I felt the viewpoint needed to be challenged)

Its ok, I understand that you are passionate about glass bottle lovin', if you will, (no offense intended) and as I said I've used them myself before, I just wouldnt recomend it! On the whole breakage thing, is a bottle not more likely to break than a solid glass object? Thats mainly the basis for them being safer is it not? I dont mean in terms of dropping it on the floor or knocking it against your bed frame, but having pressure put on it? On the issue of the shards or cube debate, i think i'm right in saying that when 'safe' glass breaks its supposed to break into cubes so that its not sharp...its cubey...but i havent attempted a close encounter with cubes of glass as yet, perhaps theres someone here at OA who could enlighten us! You obviously have plenty positive experience in this area and I wouldnt argue with that, but littlebird has her concerns and so i was intending to make suggestions which might both make her man happy and put her mind at ease when it comes to breakage.

It's seems there's good and bad on all sides of the glass debate. So, has anyone actually broken a dildo/plug etc made from the borosilicate "safe" glass? They do seem on the surface to be a safer option but cubes sounds nasty!

I've bashed my glass plug around a lot and it hasn't broken yet! Its one of the most used toys in my collection, the bloke being another man of likes to watch things disappear up his girlfriends bum variety.
I have this one-
and its a gorgeous little thing, plus I highly recommend it as a beginner cos it was my first plug. (Falls out if you try have sex in non doggy/ spoons style though)

A search on google brings up no horror stories about broken glass dildos- theres a first! then again, there aren't any for broken bottle anal either.

Ok, I've ordered this to try out as my first venture into glass. Bless him, he's polishing the mirrors as we speak!

Oooh it's here! And it's pretty! Right, seeing him this weekend, let's see if this does the trick. Also got a freebie from LH to try out so will report back!

Ooooh... funsies! Very jealous of your next-day delivery. Hate living in stupid Ireland :(

I have tried with a pasteurised milk bottle pint size, after checking that the radial ridges on the bottom- of the bottle that is, not me!!! are well worn down !!! worked fine thanks, checked for nicks and chips obviously!!!


crayola wrote:

Is it true that an empty bottle would create a vacuum?

definely - a friend of mine used to work as a nurse in a all girls school. The number of times students had to be taken to hospital after getting bottles stuck down them was amazing. (i think i would die of embarrassment if that happened to me)

^them = there