Boyfriends birthday

My boyfriend is coming up next weekend for his birthday. Does anyone have any tips or advice for something to surprise him? I have just ordered some bondage ties. Any ideas?

I've added you as a freind so we could chat about some ideas if you want :)

thanks for the add! I can't see you on chat though. :(

i will be later! Just off to do some work. But ideas would be great, thanks

what time will you be on?

How about a blindfold?

Maybe a massage oil so you can tie him up and give him a massage? You can find them all here x

Depends what sort of thing he is in to. That said, blindfords and some form of restraint seems to be popular with a lot of guys, especially on special occasions like birthdays. Another idea is to surprise him as soon as he arrives by whipping off whatever outer layer you are wearing and reveal something nice underneath. In the past when I went to visit my other half she would often greet me in her fluffy dressing gown (in this weather she rarely takes it off so this wasn't exactly unusual), shove a bottle of my favourite beer into my hand and then reveal whatever new lingerie she had bought. Always a nice surprise!

ooh all these ideas are great. I think i might set my room up with some things and take him in blindfolded

simplest answer is "something that makes him know you're making an effort"

now comes the hard bit - what is he used to?

It could be tying his wrists, trimming that bush, or simple being the first to suggest sex can be a huge thing, or if you're both quite kinky maybe you need to be more creative. For guys knowing the girl wants to make the night special can be a huge turn on on it's own.

a bondage kit, massage oil/candles, sexy lingerie for you (he'll love it!) as mentioned above are definitely great ideas, but also maybe chocolate body paint?

and if you guys are going out for dinner (or just going out somewhere) you can remove your underwear prior and whisper in his ear to tell him or even just guide his hand there and let him find out for himself!

another thing you can look into is a remote control vibrator like this one:

you can slip the vibrating egg in and hand him the remote control :) it's a present for you both!

anna-rampant wrote:

ooh all these ideas are great. I think i might set my room up with some things and take him in blindfolded

Sounds great! Lucky fella. Throw in a stripptease blowjob and a beer, and you've got an unbeatable package. If carlsberg did birthdays.....

Somewhere in the forum history was a similar question.

Write out a menu of treats for him to choose. Set him an allowance, and wish him a happy birthday

A nice steak afterwards too. Lol

A threesome? Maybe ask one of your girlfriends to join you for his birthday night?

Get him an open ended stroker sleeve, use it on him and every time he pops out of the end, lick him happy birthday, until he blows all his candles out ;)