BREATHPLAY - Do you love it?

So working on a site with a 23 year old guy, who loves himself, sporty, goes to the gym but the girls love for some reason!

Comes out with the sweeping statement that well over half of the girls he has been with have asked for breath play in some way shape or forum!

I’m 40 and been with one girl who liked it.

Are ladies loving the breath play these days? And how do they like it?



I had to look up what that was… erotic asphyxiation. I wouldn’t love it, nor would my female partners. Not at ALL.


To an extent, I love it, it only ever lasts for about 5-10 secs at a time.
A lot of people do it wrong though, it is something that really should be researched thoroughly as it could go very wrong if its not done right.


No way. One of the reasons, im sure for myself is it’s stressful and causes ptsd for me. I’d definitely check before doing this


Communication goes with out saying

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I like my hubby holding me tightly round the throat, but not so I am asphyxiated

Yes, i love it. Breath play comes in all forms from the very mild to extremely severe. I enjoy being held by the throat sometimes for a couple of seconds and sometimes longer. We only do this if i have my hands free and would never be done if im restrained. This is so i can tap out when im ready.
Its definately something in my opinion that needs talked about before hand and researched properly. A lot of damage can be done to the neck if its not done correctly.


Afraid its not for me.

It’s not for me so for that reason I’m out ! But good luck in the future :+1:

I enjoy my husband putting his hand on the front of my neck, I feel slightly vulnerable but I wouldn’t be interested in taking it any further than that.

I wouldn’t take his comments too seriously, you can’t believe everything that everyone says, he might just be trying to make himself sound more knowledgeable and experienced than he really is. Of course, it might be that he’s being honest and that’s what the women that he’s been with have liked, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinion of women in general.

If it’s something that you wanted to try, it definitely needs a conversation first. Make sure that everyone involved knows what they are doing, how far they want to go and how to stop things if it’s getting too much.

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The early consensus that I’m getting is that people don’t want a plastic bag duct taped over their head but more a slight feeling of being helpless / loss of control to help feed the fantasy.

Definitely not into a bag over the head lol

Welcome to the forum dude :slightly_smiling_face: sounds like it’s a type of skill what needs some training to be done safely as I’m sure we’ve all heard of the stories what ping up in the news every so often.

I’ve had it done to myself a little but find most men tend to be hesitant on it which in sense is good but pleasing side not so kinky lol

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I’m currently seeing someone and the topic got onto breath play. She likes it. I’ve never tried it. Would I? Not sure. Have to have a lot of trust both ways. I’ve already said that if we try it, we need to practice when not in the heat of the moment so I know what pressure she likes etc. Also making sure no one can see in and get the wrong end of the stick! Not the type of handcuffs that I want to end up in!

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Of all the things that can get people off, is one that is potentially a danger to life really necessary.?
My reaction would be… Get a grip !!!.. and no there most certainly is no pun intended.:rage:
I dont care if im accused of being judgemental about someones kink, in this occasion.

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Nope, not for me :-1:


Never really come across it. Is it literally holding someone’s neck to stop them breathing for a short time?
What’s the purpose of it? What does it add to sex?

I’ve come across a lot of people who don’t actually know how to do proper, safe breathplay. Breathplay is not choking someone to the point they can’t breathe, as some on this thread seem to think. I’ll just leave a quick, brief rundown for you all, as some don’t quite seem to grasp what it is being discussed.

Breathplay and asphyxiation are two separate things. One is a safe kink involving the slight restriction of the airways, the other is not.

There’s ways to do it so that it is safe, but most of the people I’ve come across assume they’re supposed to press down on the front of their partner’s throat. Don’t do this, this will crush someone’s windpipe.
For breathplay, the hand should be wrapped around the throat, but only be gently squeezing the sides of the neck. No amount of extreme pressure should ever be applied.

Breathplay can be done in a safe manner, and with a trusted partner, but should never be to the point of asphyxiation. It is supposed to partially reduce the capacity airways (that is, to close them slightly, NOT cut them off). The one being choked should still be getting oxygen, but it will be reduced.

*Quick addition to answer a question I saw
Breathplay can actually heighten the senses, and lead to more intense/explosive orgasms


Whilst I really agree with the vast majority of what you are saying (breath play isn’t just choking someone out), I am going to have to disagree with your safety comments.

Breath play is never safe and to say that it is is dangerous. The risks can be mostly mitigated, but when people start to think it’s safe, that’s when it goes wrong.


That’s totally fair, and I can see where you’re coming from with that point. You’re absolutely right, it is dangerous, especially without the proper education, and should be something that, if practiced at all, is done with extreme care and caution.

As I stated, it was a quick write-up, as I saw some comments regarding the amount of pressure and mentions of cutting off oxygen completely that I wanted to clear up quickly. And I 100% accept any and all constructive criticism.