Brewers' droop?

Maybe I'm being smallminded or at the very least, not very creative but... why?

Well my best guess is for women who want to experience the joys of the penis in everyday life. They can wear it at work, rearrange themselves in public, jump up and down in front of a mirror. Basically be a man for the day

On the fleshlight site they say "Mr.Limpy is more of a novelty than a sex toy", looke like packing is the only practical use, although I like diddlexls idea of women jumping up and down infront of a mirror.

There is a video somewhere of several really macho looking big american guys throwing hundreds of these at each other... was great, have to try n find a link somewhere!

oh please link that, simply for comedy value!

I look forward to the day when somebody manages to manufacture an artificial penis that has a foreskin.
I don't just mean a dildo shaped like an uncut penis. I mean a dildo with a foreskin that can be retracted. but which will, if desired, remain in place to cover the glans.

interesting idea, might be a bit hard from an engineering perspective though.

i dont fink i understand...?

Sorry, but being uncut myself, I do find it sad that most (nay, all) dildos seem to be modeled on a circumcised member. OK it might be hard to engineer. Treat it as a challenge!

to have a retracting forskin that works as it should would be very hard to make.

you mean something like this?

thats not exactly realistic. i am uncut and look nothing like that lol

well true.....but i cant find anything closer!

Agreed, Mirador. And who, fer gossake, wants a willy that's described as 'beige'!

hahaha!!!!! well its better than puke green!

hey, each to thier own i guess!