Bullet Overheating Already?

So dissapointed, recently bought the 50 shades of grey small bullet, I've had it under a week and only been used 3 times and been getting exstremely warm already, contacted lovehoney and said its not normal for a bullet to do that :( so looks like it needs to go back for a refund.

Has anyone had a bullet and it hasn't lasted in such a small period of time?

Lovehoney are pretty fast on their refunds so I wouldn't worry to much. :)

Yeah I had one a while ago.. A LH pink one can't remember what it was but its got a new version now. Lasted 3ish uses of about 5-10 mins and was getting warm the whole time and then it literally fell apart to about 5 pieces! Haha I didn't return it though I just chucked it as I had got it for free and I didn't really mind.

But yeah the returns system is really good :) you can get refund or exchange, sounds like its just faulty so I would get an exchange if it was me!