I ordered 2 bundlles yesterday, the female for the wife plus the couples one. They arrived today and are currently sittting on the bed upstairs all sealed. Wife has popped out to see a friend for an hour. When she returns we plan to open the box together.

I have suggested WHATEVER is inside these mystery bundles should be used at least once. She is a bit nervous.

What's your thoughts?

You are both more patient than I am! Just go with the flow and heve fun exploring x

Me and my partner got them same bundles as you and we both love them! Can't wait to used the stuff!

Have fun! =D

I've just ordered the couples one and await with interest the suprises it may bring :-)

Rather interested to learn more about the bundles and what exciting goodies people get in them =)

my partner will be picking hers up from the post office soon!

Just got my bundle! Love it. Bit disapointed with the Swoon Shimmy at first, didn't realise it was a bullet, thought it was a vibe. Needed a new bullet anyway, so really pleased with everything. Got the one LH glass dildo I didnt have!

Purring Pussy, we sound like we got the same bundle and toys. My wife and I have never used a dildo. glass or not. Are they that great?

All the bundles are (pretty much) the same kind of thing!

Glass dildos are by far my favourite, dunno about anyone else >.<

PP I love my swoon shimmy, I got mine as a freebie last year and I was a little disappointed at first but I love it now :)

Bigtrak, glass dildos are amazing! Especially for temperature play xx

Oh your more patient than me. I would of had to open it and reseal it in a different box. Or slice it with a razor! 😂 sounds like Xmas
All over again

Its fair to say ours was an eclectic mix. From flavoured lube sachets, through to an interesting looking stroker, luxury satin blindfold and restraints, a remote control love egg and a couple of other interesting looking vibrating things............feels like a bargain and also beautifully packaged in a gift box as well. Now to find time to use it

Looks like all the bundles are going soon.

Only one female one left so be quick...... I have one. Just about to put my lelo lily which was in my bundle on charge. Reviews were a bit mixed but i'm hoping...

Purring-Pussy wrote:

You are both more patient than I am! Just go with the flow and heve fun exploring x

Same- I could not do this! I would have ripped the box open straight away! x