Butt Plug help

I took some time this morning to dig into my latest purchase of the Luxe training set. I purchased this set because it had tons of good ratings and I knew that I would be using the med and large ones. Maybe try the small with my OH after we talked about it. I did read a couple of reviews that talked about the heart base being too small to prevent it from traveling.

I was excited to put the med in and go down and make some coffee for the Mrs. After putting it in, I immediately felt like it was traveling. Panicked, I ran to the loo and pushed it out because trying to retrieve it wasn’t going to end well.

I don’t feel comfortable using these myself, let alone with my OH. Has anyone had trouble with these plugs? Or did I just panic because I’m a bigger man and the smaller base just went further in versus a plug with a t-base?

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The very minimum you need on base size is the same size as the widest part of the toy. It is a little hard to tell from the pictures if this is the case but it looks pretty marginal.

However, the larger a toy you can take, the larger a base you will need even on a smaller toy. If you can insert the plug easily then there is the potential for the base slip in just as easily.

Unfortunately there are quite a few factors as to whether a plug is safe, including shape, size and weight of the plug, what the wearer is doing and their anatomy so what may work for one, might not work for someone else.

It is up to you if you want to try again. A little bit of movement in a butt plug isn’t uncommon, it’s just how much it moves and whether the base was actually going in. If it was, I wouldn’t risk it.

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If you feel it is too risky for you to feel comfortable you could make use of the Sex Toy Happiness Promise? You normally get 30 days to try a toy out, and if it’s not the one for you you can return it for a refund. However, depending on how recently you bought it, the Promise window has been extended to 60 days. :+1:

As others have said, material and base size all factor in. Maybe a bigger plug might be safer if the base on that is too small for you now? Either that or ease off on the training for a little while?

When I’m using a new butt-plug the for the first few times, I give it a little safety cord just in case. Well, some ribbon tied around the neck. I can at least attempt to pull it out with that if it goes traveling. Haven’t had to retrieve anything as of yet. After I feel comfortable that a plug isn’t going anywhere, I stop putting the ribbon on it.

I’ve used one with a heart base that felt like it was moving a lot. I thought it was just down to the shape and it prodding me more?


I had a travel experience with a different plug and fully understand the fear. What I do is stick more towards t-base ones on the occasion of doing a round one I tie a bit of ribbon around it to ensure I can retrieve it if need be as I freaked out big time when one traveled. Though for regular wear at this point I stick with my booty buddy.