Butt plug insertion with a full house

Well, that was almost awkward...

Been a few days without sexual activity (new job and all that) so decided a bath then butt plug for the night, just for the fun of it.

Well I was in the bathroom after my bath - maybe I should mention I still live with parents, who were out at the time - just inserted it and moved around getting it comfortable and I heard the door downstairs open.

Even though you know they're not gonna run straight upstairs, fling on the bathroom door and catch you with a butt plug in, the fear is still there.

I grabbed my towel and put the lube in it, hiding that, then went to walk out the bathroom with towel in hand. Just then I realised that if they saw my behind it was obvious, SHIT! I dove back into the bathroom and wrapped the towel around me so they couldn't see my waist down nor was the lube on show, and quickly dashed into my bedroom.

I had ample time, I put away the lube and threw boxers on before anyone announced they were even in, but man was that fear. What an awkward thing for your parents to catch you doing.

Anyone have any thoughts? Experiences?


I use to share a flat with a friend and whenever I plugged I tended to stay in my room. But once I decided I was hungry and went into the kitchen. Obviously it was hidden under my clothes but it was quite a thrill standing there making a sandwich and chatting to him while he was none the wiser.

My 14 year old son walked in on me using my new g-spot vibrator last week. Eek! I don't think he'll do that again in a hurry, but the psychiatric bill is probably going to bankrupt me

I'm currently kipping at my parents' place too - and yes it can be tricky to pleasure oneself without any disturbances or awareness!!


Whenever I've used my anal beads, I wash them and leave them to dry on the side of the bath in my bathroom. On this occasion I did just that and forgot about it. That night I went out with my friend and stayed the night at his. He had work the next morning so off he went, whereas I thought, "Ah, I'll lie in".

Then I remembered the cleaner was coming to my parents' house. And I didn't think I could face the embarrassment if she was cleaning my bathroom and saw these blue (clean!) anal beads on the side of the bathtub!! She was due an hour later so I rushed *all the way across London*, taking 3 different trains just to make sure no-one saw my anal beads!! By the time I arrived home, I had 5 minutes to spare; never mind the "hi mum, great night out" business, I went straight upstairs and hid those bad boys!!

About 10 minutes after the cleaner was due, I asked my mum, "what time is she coming??"

Guess what - she was sick and wasn't coming. BAH!!

ha i was planning a weekend alone one time . no visitors or nothing so ihad a play , then took my plug and 2 vibes into the bathroom to clean , i left the plug in the sink , and for some reason one vibe in the hall and another on my bed , then decided to move all my heavy wooden bedroom furniture around by myself , an threw my back out , had to call my dad to come help me ... he had to keep going in & out the bathroom and the hall .. he MUST have seen them .. he rushed out as soon as it was finished . i coulda died that day eeesh !

Well I've just had a thrill.

I wore my butt plug out (I've only done this once briefly but this time was more extensive). I've had it in all night, I've been at home, at my OH's work and at McDonalds. I sat in drive thru at McDonalds talking to one of my best work friends and wriggled and remembered it was there.

It's an oddly arousing thrill knowing no-one knows...

I also had to clean it when I returned home just. Cleaning a butt plug at midnight when you're parents in bed is weird. You're scared of waking them, scared they might need toilet so come in, it's like a quick and thorough removal and clean.

It was amazing though, I'm most definately enjoying wearing it and exceptionally glad I brought it. I can't wait to get more toys.


Yes I live with my mum and dad and it is a pain. Never been discovered yet. Lets hope it stays that way. My brother knows I live got line by I'd be shocked it he started rummaging and found my collection of toys.

I usually lock myself in the bathroom as that's the only privacy I have and unfortunately only one door locks out of two. :( so if I want to have an extensive session then I have to have the house to myself. Usually I can slip my butt plug in quickly and everybody is none the wiser. Can't wait to get my own room in our new house. :)

I never tried sex toys before I was with my husband, and we had moved in together so I haven't had any encounters so far, but I'm sure loving reading all these! Haha! Sorry!

I have to admit i have had a good chuckle at these. Here is my cringe moment!

I usually wear my toner balls all the time and leave them in a nice silk bag in my handbag if i remove them when out and about (after a good clean of course!). i once went out with a friend and she asked for a piece of chewing gum, i told her there would be some in my bag, handed it over and told her to just help herself whilst i went to the loo. when i got back she proudly pulled them out and quite loudly asked why i had a baby rattle in front of a pub full of people i could have died. it was made worse by the lady that looked like she was about to choke on her wine. oops!