Butt Plug Oopsy moment

I mentioned in another post that we’ve recently discovered ass play. Seems I love having things put in there.

Naturally we spoke about toys and I let the Mr pick out a toy for us to play with.

I’ve now got a metal jewelled butt plug from LH.

We tried it out the other day, it was a great success.

Whilst I was lying there basking in the afterglow, as you do, I decided to pick up the clothes, have a wee, potter about, and wash myself off etc.

5 minutes later im thinking my ass feels weird, perhaps we were a little too rough? Turns out I’d left the plug in :joy::joy::joy:

Interested to hear anyone else’s idiot moments involving toys…


Was definitely a time way in the past when the importance of a good base on a butt plug was ignored. After 15-20 minutes of vigorous attempts, it was finally free. Also, toys were left out to air dry at one point and mother-in-law needed a phone charger. To her credit she never brought it up or mentioned it so that’s good :laughing:


I once had spent a morning having some fun by myself then showered, went to work and sat down on the chair at my desk.

Got up and said loudly “what have I sat on?”

Only to realise it was my plug still inside me, looking down at the empty chair with everyone looking at me as I turned bright red :see_no_evil:


Hahaha :rofl: lucky it didn’t vanish all the way up as them jewelled plugs tend to have a rep for that kind of thing

@AJSTAR Why am I only just finding this out now. :rofl:

@SinfulBlanche @AJSTAR was thinking exactly the same thing! They’re my most used ones!

Would defo then be an oopsy moment! :sweat_smile:

Plugs with a T bar handle are ideally the better styles to go with :crazy_face:

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