Butt Plug size

It might be too much work but is there a chance you could arrange it so butt plugs could be sorted by size with a search function? I know we can look at the dimensions in the write up but it’s a pain. I know I’ve been looking at some recently and I keep spending my time trying to compare them. In a perfect world I would like to able to see them side by side in a picture. Some people like length, some width, would just be nice to search by various size for me. People often want to increase size gradually too and it’d be nice to know you had progressed to (for example) “level” 3 and just wanted to look at “level” 4/5 plugs. Others might disagree.

Just a happy suggestion, kitty x

On the desktop site, you can filter by either circumference and insertable length, the options are on the left of the screen.

On mobile, the options are under a little "+" sign that you should at the top of the product list

Well now I feel like a dingbat. Thank you very much Sum Sub. :)

kitty x

Dingbat :p
it's not the most functional filter option, but it does help. I think a "compare these items" option would be useful but I imagine very time consuming to set up

Hello! Just to add that we also try to get hand shots and videos of as many butt plug as possible - so do take a glance at the additional images and videos as they can really help give a sense of scale. Often small, medium and large relates to the other butt plugs in a brand's range, rather than an objective view of the sizes!