Butt plug won't fit in, bone problem?

I am not a newbie in using butt plug but this time I think I am a little bit greedy.

The biggest size I have put in is one with a circumference 7.25 inches


Then I am a bit greedy and have bought this (Circumference: 10 inches)


The problem is I can't even get it closer to my hole due to the pelvic bone.

I have seen a video of tiny man putting a giant butt plug into his body.

(it's called Stretching my anus with a giant butt plug, check if you want)

Is there anyone who can give me advice on this?

That's quite a jump in size, I've got




both fit relativley fine ,but the ace of spades is rather hard which I've also got, and yes it can be less easy to use even though it's smaller, I'm also quite thin32" waist(for a older guy, lol) so it takes a bit of working up to.

It will fit but I think it may be too much of a jump, so don't throw it away, get something in between sizes with a longer slope like




I agree with Quiet Ones try a plug with a much slower taper, take your time use lots of lube. With a little care it is surprising how big a plug you can eventually manage.

My challenge at the moment is a Fat man in a barrell, not there yet but I will win

Thx guys, I think I will try out the ones you recommend.

@ Phil, the fat man goes from zero to full on in no time, I've found I need to use something else first to "help" then use the fat man, although now with a bit of coaxing I can use it in one go, I bought a much larger plug from else where and modified it so it's 4.25 x 3.75 oval shape, my physical limit I think, the two bangs, is a good one and it's the same dia as the fat man but easier to use, longer too.