Butt plugs and everyday business


First things first, I’ve been a lurker here for a little bit and want to say thanks for all of the contributions so far!

I’ve been exploring anal play with my partner and bought my first butt plug the other day (the LH slim vibrating one).

I’ve noticed on this site that people wear their butt plugs during the day, eg go shopping with them in, and wondering what the deal is?

What’s the benefit of wearing a plug through the day? Or why would you wear one?

Sincerely a vanilla newbie

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I’m not sure that you would use the word ‘benefit’ as a reason to wear a butt plug outside the house. II’s more a feeling of ‘naughtiness’ in the same way as going out without underwear, for example. If you go out as a couple and you both know one or both of you are wearing butt plugs there’s a shared secret between you.
I often go out wearing a remote control plug and my wife has the controller. That does have a definite benefit for the wearer as the vibrations are pleasurable and it has the shared secret aspect mentioned above.


@rockstar Any recommendations for specific ‘remote control’ plugs?

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Yeah I totally agree with @rockstar in it’s like being secretive and naughty which makes it all the more sexy feeling but on the other hand for me I’ve tried it a few times and didn’t really find it was my kind of kink :sweat_smile:

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Hi and welcome!

As @rockstar says, many people enjoy having a naughty secret while out and about.

For others, it’s just they enjoy the full feeling it gives or the stimulation.

It can be a kinky submissive thing. (A requirement by their partner type thing).

If it sounds like the sort of thing you might be interested in at some point there is tons of advice on it here. However, it’s not something “everyone” does and if it doesn’t appeal then that cool too.

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Thanks all, that is really useful to know! :smiley:

I would say any “benifits” would be done after half hour. As in relaxing the anus and helping to get ready for further play. But as already said, it’s more of a mental thing.

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I had the understanding that it has to be a stainless steel one for long durations? Its funny as we don’t really drink wine but felt the urge to pop one open today (no prises for any guesses why) and the stopper we have looks like a nice shiny butt plug and that’s what it gets called!

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Nope. Stainless steel or glass are a good idea as you can use any lube on them. As water based lube dries up relatively quickly, you want to avoid it for long time wear. Silicone or oil based lubes are the best choices. Silicone toys don’t always like silicone lube though (although they are fine with oil).

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Amazing how many normal objects start to look like sex toys these days. I think that’s how you know your a toy person lol


The silicon on silicon debate is a hard one, I love the silicon lubes. But some toys do not like it and seem to melt slowly, oddly some good quality ones do not seem to do this…

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It’s not so much about the quality of anything. Different silicone finishes can make a difference as can the ingredients and percentage of those ingredients in the various lubes. A genuine silicone toy will react quite quickly if it is going to but the more recent discovery is that the toys appear to absorb the lube, which then brings the question of does that affect how porous the toy is.

The biggest issue though is that the people testing this stuff are not scientists but bloggers in their bedrooms. Therefore answers aren’t all that conclusive and the tests aren’t strictly relevant to how someone would actually use lube on a toy.


Yes that occurred. To one of my butt plugs, it all gummed up and made like a thin tar making it not fun and not lubricated in anyways.
Used a silicon egg typed toy, same lube, but stated it was medical grade silicon which has had no issues what so ever.
From what I could find on the net, some silicon do not react or absorb the lube while others do.
Think I’ll be sticking with glass.

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Ok, I’ll try mine for a bit longer but think I want to buy a nice shiny metal unless anyone can convince me I should look at glass ones :thinking:

Glass ones are great but so are metal ones so go with a metal one if that’s what you fancy. I don’t think there is a wrong choice between the 2.


Anything can be a sex toy if you’re brave (or silly) enough :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Yeah but I try and avoid going to the emergency department for that kind of thing. Medical stuff is not really my thing.

It can depend on the situation. I will wear a butt plug during the day from time to time, but its rare. I tend to be a morning person when it comes to daily bathroom habits, this is usually at work so doesn’t really suit being plugged up. I have worn them for several hours at night, usually the LH glass medium plug with silicone lube, but I have worn other plugs (silicon with water based lube) too.

Are there any “benefits”? I like the physical sensation of wearing a plug, that full feeling, I don’t really think too much about the naughty secret element as if I am wearing a plug its for my enjoyment only anyway.