Butt plugs and sleeping

G’day y’all, just wanting to know of any do’s and don’ts and just general experience on the matter…

As I’m aware that it’s not self lubricating, but I don’t want to have to wake up every couple of hours to remove and reapply… would sort of defeat the purpose…

Any and all advise is welcome!

Just for context I own a couple of different ones made of different materials ie: silicone, metal, PVC, and have both water and silicone based lubes…


Hi @AshhhDTD. I’ve never slept in one before so can’t say if this is safe or not but … I would go with the metal plug and silicone lube combination since the lube will last longest that way. Have you tried wearing them during the day for long periods of time? I wouldn’t sleep with one in before wearing the same plug with the same lube for at least as long during the day. If you need to reapply the lube during that time then I would be hesitant to sleep with it in but then I’m a bit of a cautious person. I would still wake myself up at some point in the night to check things are OK. If they are then you know that next time you can sleep for longer.

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Definitely metal or glass with silicone or oil based lube but, as Kitty-Cat01 says I would experiment with wearing it for long periods (8 hrs) during the day before I tried sleeping with a lug in. It would be awful if it dried out and got stuck.


It’s more of an in the future thing @rockstar and @Kitty-Cat01 at the moment I’m using the metal with silicone and have got an hour or 2 under my belt…

It’s more just something I was curious about and wanted to potentially work up to… :blush:

Figure it would be easier during the night/asleep then doing during the day, with work and kids…

Maybe I’ll try during the night with alarms set to check on everything and reapply as needed when I feel I’m ready.


As stated try it out all day and you will find the issues of long wear. I would go for a small glass plug with a T shaped base handle for extra comfort, silicon lube and it should be fine. Might pop out during sleep, so don’t have your good Linnen down.

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I sleep with my tail in regularly, it is a medium sized steel plug, I use anal lube and don’t have to take it out through the night.


How good are the tails, I wish they disconnected for cleaning.


I was thinking of getting a tail but I can just imagine them getting dirty and covered in lube, especially if it’s a silicone lube. Is this a problem @Squirrel_and_Bunny?

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I have worn the lovehoney medium silicone plug all night with just regular water based lube many times. The lube did dry out, but the plug was covered in a light layer of mucous, it was kinda frothy ( loads of small bubbles). I think this is the bodies natural way of lubricating what normally comes out.
The plug came out easy enough but not as easy as when there is lube.
Go for it, you will be fine.


@Kitty-Cat01 our tails are all steel butt plugs, we use silicone lube and they can get a bit of lube on them near the plug, a wash in warm soapy water and dry out on either the radiator or with a hairdryer soon sorts them out.

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@Toolman31 we really like the tails, bunny likes the feel of it rubbing against her whilst we make love, we would definitely recommend at least trying one.

Not sure I’d recommend sleeping with a plug in but lube wise a silicone based one would fare better than water based for long lasting.

Sleeping with a butt plug is fine but it can disturb your sleep, particularly when you first start doing it so don’t try it the night before an important event or something.

Make sure you can wear a butt plug for longer than you would normally sleep before trying it.

Go for a slightly smaller plug than you would usually go for (or at least a size that you are completely comfortable with). T-bar bases are probably the best way to go. And avoid any with protruding vibrators or anything like that. (In fact, avoid vibrating ones in case you some how manage to turn it on in the night).

Oil or silicone lube will be better than water based. Add some lube to the insides of your butt cheeks to reduce chaffing.

In terms of material of the butt plug, go for whatever you prefer normally. Silicone, glass, metal are all good (pvc isn’t a great sex toy material anyway so I wouldn’t recommend that). Silicone toys and silicone lube can have issues, so either spot test the lube (if it’s going to react, it will happen quickly and obviously) or oil based is fine on silicone.

When it comes to removing it, take it slow. Pull the plug down so the stem is out and apply some lube wherever you can reach. Even just on the stem and pushing the plug back inside (and then pull in and out a few times) will help.

And like long term wear generally, listen to your body. If you are feeling any discomfort, take the plug out.


Ive done it a few times, LH medium glass plug and silicone lube. 1st time was ok, didn’t dry out and was a nice feeling (almost comforting). 2nd time, the lube had dried out, taking it out was minimally uncomfortable but still not an issue.

If you can go all day with it in (except for bathroom time), then you’ll most likely be fine overnight. If you normally wake during the night, then use that time to maybe reapply lube just to be sure.


I personally have tried sleeping with a plug in. For reference it was a silicon plug, a little water based lube for the purposes of getting it inserted. I also was able to wear it around the house; sitting, standing, & walking.

The biggest challenge for me was that the plug was often stimulating my prostate causing me to remain hard & horny and it took much longer for me to get tired enough to fall asleep. Every shift in movement refreshing my awareness of the plug’s presence. Even with no movement, my anal cavity would randomly constrict as if to check for the plug. The new pressure against my p-spot would send my manhood to full mast. But after being awake for about 90-120min longer than usual, I was able to fall asleep. Waking up the next day, the plug sent my morning wood into over drive.

My safety recommendations would be to not wear one through the night until you’re more comfortable with anal play. If it’s your first anal toy, I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with it. But when you do get comfortable, it’s very stimulating to wear one through the night :wink:

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Hi @AshhhDTD I do all the time with a metal one. I haven’t found a need to wake up for any reason. Good luck :smiley:

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update: haven’t managed all night yet but I’m averaging about 4 hrs at a time before removal and re application with a silicon plug and water based lube…

Any recommendations on a smaller size glass or metal plug, we have the LH metal jewel plug in a small but I find it quite difficult to grab ahold of the base for removal…