Butt plugs and toys

So I purchased this guy
And we have absolutely loved it. We use it every time we have sex. I want to expand our anal toy collection and wondered what everyone’s favorite butt plugs and anal toys we should try. I was thinking about trying these… what do you guys think?





We’ve got the pink butt plug. I must say when it’s in place it certainly catches my eye :heart_eyes:


I would love a butt plug you could wear all day with just a slight sensation it is in there does a butt plug exist for this?

You can get remote controlled butt plugs or prostate massagers. Worth having a nose.

Thanks that’s great I will have a look in LH for that

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I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I (we) could be into butt plugs if they were called something else. It’s such a turn-off.

Let me know how that probef is, I’ve been looking at that myself!

The anal prober in your second link was good, it’s a nice length too.

Me and my oh currently use a couple of glass buttplugs on here which are really good and not to thick

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I loved my aneros prostate toy it is amazing but takes some practice and lately I haven’t been able to get over the edge

I totally get this. Although we do have a couple, we tend to just refer to them as a plug. Still plumbing adjacent but doesn’t seem quite as weird!

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I like the silicone plug but since I’ve been doing it more often I wish they had bigger ones or types that thrust or rotate really fast but the most exciting thing would be if they got bigger during the play and if they were mounted they could come in and out the way thrusting dildo do I think that would make the sales go up double

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