butt plugs

hi again peeps after getting some good advice before on butt plugs, i needing more. I am wanting a butt plug the next size up from the 1 i reviewed,
1, which will stay in when walking
2, a bit bigger than the 1 i already got
3, to give me a stretched feeling whilst wearing it
id love to be able to go out shpping and stuff whilst wearing it
please send me advice in getting the right product i cant wait to buy one cheers all xxxxx

Love the top!!!!!!!!!!!!

The George W Bush butt plug maybe !!!

If money is no object, and you want to walk around with it: nJoy!

They are the most comfortable plugs i've found yet, although the neck of the plug isn't very wide, the weight of the plug pushes on the inner ring and makes the plug feel so damn good when you're walking about :)

The only base they wouldn't cover, is making you feel stretched when wearing it, but all you need to do for that is give it a little tug and it'll feel great!

HTH :)